Saturday, January 31, 2015

January in Review

The first month of 2015 is in the history books and while it ended with 3 out of 4 in the family getting the flu, there were still some highlights.

Beginning with, ER making it to the ball drop on New Year's Eve for the second year in a row.  This time, the annual Lego building while waiting, centered around putting together a Friends set and not one of Daddy's.  ER watched a little of the Countdown, and thought Taylor Swift must have been very cold!

At our monthly Brownie meeting we completed the requirements for the Home Scientist Badge, and most of the girls selected making "Dinosaur Sn*t" as their favorite activity.  We were supposed to do this badge at a Council event planned through the Source but it got canceled from low registration, and while it wasn't that hard to do at home - wow was the kitchen a mess!  We also made ice cream in a bag, made raisins dance, made salt and pepper dance, and blew up a balloon without using our mouth.

I'm still getting monthly subscriptions, even though I haven't made the time to share & review them lately.  Here is my January Ipsy.  I'm enjoying the Pacifica eye shadow & the Velvet 59 lip gloss but I'll probably never use the eyeliner as I've decided liquid is too big of a hassle at this stage of my life.

ER went ice skating twice this month, a record considering how she'd only ever been once before in her entire life!  We went on a Friday off with a friend & then to lunch afterward.  Then later in the month our Brownie troop went ice skating together.

The meal of the month had to be Brad's Chicken Parmesan, it was so yummy that both kids asked for seconds!  Unheard of!!!  He based it off of a Betty Crocker recipe from a cookbook we got when we got married - that will be 15 years ago this summer.

As I mentioned, we did get hit pretty badly with the flu.  My little guy was the first to get it.  He was sick over the last weekend and then it lingered into the following week too.  He missed both his days of PreK-3 and was pretty sad about missing his friends and playing outside in the snow with them.

Then I came down with the flu the Thursday after he got it.  ER on Saturday, a few days after me and one week after her little brother.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that Brad doesn't get it too.

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