Saturday, April 25, 2015

Julep Maven: April 2015, The Paradise Collection

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Last year, the April 2014 Vivid collection was my favorite and I sort of regretted not getting more of it.  This April, Julep once again did a bright collection and I decided to splurge and get a few add ons with the Jules (Julep's reward program) that I had.  When my box arrived, everything was so colorful and happy looking!  These colors were just what I needed to perk me up when the tail end of wintry weather hit Michigan.

I selected a different style profile that my default and got two Bombshell colors but mainly for this gorgeous fuchsia creme called Drew.

I was also really drawn to Cassidy, which is described as a Bondi blue crème.  I'm not sure what Bondi means, but I do know this will be perfect for summer!

The third non-nail polish item for April is this brown powder with built in angle brush called, Don't Leave Your Brows at Home.  I don't like ordering this kind of product on line, as I find it can be hard to pick the correct shade.  My brows are so non-existent, it's hard for any kind of make up to not look really noticeable.  I need to play around a bit more with this, but as far as make up products go, I'm more in the market for something like this than the highlighter or mascara that Julep has done previously.

Now let's get to add ons!  I haven't ever been able to find a good yellow to add to my collection.  I don't really need one with a super good formula or even very much as I really only need it for nail art.  Addison is a happy sunny color and "free" with point redemption so I decided to give it a go.  Like I mentioned, I don't plan to wear it as a full mani so I was satisfied with the swatch I did of this color, although the reviews on the website seem to lean more to dissatisfied, so if you're considering picking up this polish you might want to skip it.

My other polish add on was this tangerine burst crème called Jenna.  This is ORANGE, really bright and exactly what I expected.  Again, this is something I got for nail art so I'm pretty happy.

The third add on I got was the little nail decals shown in the top and very bottom photos.  I've been enjoying the ease of using the decals I've previously received and using them to give my accent nail a little something extra.

Because I got three add ons this month, I also got a free gift!  I love a good lippie so this lip gloss in Vivid was a fun bonus to get.  It's a more of a fall/winter shade but pretty and something I'd totally pick out for myself.

That's it, what came in my little box of nail goodness this month!  I was very happy with it and if you'd like to sign up for Julep, I hope you'll consider using my referral link :)


Friday, April 3, 2015

Project Life: July 2014 Birthday Celebrations

July is birthday central around here!  We have four birthdays in our family and one of my best friend's is in July too.  That means a lot of events to cover, too many pictures, and lots of Project Life spreads!  Actually, I'd rather have too many photos than not enough.  Each one really does help jog my memory and remind me of the little moments from the day.

Birthday festivities began with my husband's birthday, shown in July Part 1, and continue with my daughter's 8th.  She had a low key day but we still made it special.  She also had a Not Quite a Sleepover party with several of her friends, but I'm not sharing those pages because I'd had to cover the faces of most of her friends.  She had plenty of eighth birthday fun!

When we celebrated all the July birthdays as a family, one of the big moments was our three year old getting his first big boy bike.  He's in love with it, especially because it's Cars themed.  He does really well on it, in fact, just a week ago on the first warmish day he climbed on and was able to ride it all by himself most of the way down the street.  A special gift like this, deserved it's own page!

Since the dates of my kids' birthdays are just a week apart, we have been having a combined family celebration and plan to do so for as long as we can get away with it.  My daughter doesn't object to the theme being more of my son's choice because she has her own friend party too.

Between the bike half and a party details page, is an insert with both of the kids' sign in pages.  Just my daughter's is shown above.  We have each of the guest sign and write a message on it and it serves as a nice way to record who was there and preserve the handwriting of various family members as well.  I blurred out some details for privacy, but each sign in includes each child's name and age, plus the year.

The other half spread show some detail photos.  My son was, is all about John Deere everything.  When we realized we could buy the cutest cake all decorated and with a mini tractor on it, my daughter said we had to go with that!  We used pink and green as our main colors so she was still happy that it was a little girly.

There are lots of cool ideas on Pinterest to help theme out your party!  This pin helped me figure out how to decorate the tables.  I got the idea for the cute food names like hay bales for rice krispy treats and spare tires for chocolate covered donuts, from here.  I edited this free printable and also made my own for my daughter to make banners.  Some more signs I made using clip art found online, got popped into my favorite Ikea Tolsby frames and I kept a few to add in one of the pockets.

This full spread has more favorite pictures from the party, mostly group photos and I made sure everyone there was shown at least once.  One of my goals is to not be a letter sticker horder, so I used lots spell out the sur names of our family and friends on various photos, blurred for online sharing.  Details were added to the 4X6 after photographing.  The free printable food sign I included in a pocket are from here.

This next page and insert focuses on my daughter.  I let her look through the photos I took that day and select which ones she wanted to include.

As is always the case, it seems once you have kids, Brad's birthday was regulated to the end of the day, but I did include a few.  My mom's birthday was technically part of the day too, but we had already gone to the beach for hers earlier so I just included her throughout the birthday spreads instead of dedicating one to her.

After the insert is a page about my son and the reason why everything was yellow and green!  I made the B shirt for him, and even though the sewing is wonky I'm pretty proud of it.  It took several trips all around town to find the right combination of fabric and colored shirt.

That's the end to our extended family and friends celebration!

But the birthdays weren't quite over yet!  On my son's actual third birthday my husband took the day off and we went to one of the little guy's favorite places.  Car, farm equipment, trains...under one roof?  Yep, he's all in!

I ended up with a lot of photos from the aviation exhibit so I included part of the map on this spread and then just numbered each photo to make journaling a bit easier.

On the back half of the insert and the following Design A page protector I put my favorite pictures from gift opening back at our house.  And summer birthdays are done, at least until next year!

On the birthday pages, I used a lot the Birthday Sn@p collection by Simple Stories: 4X6, 3X4, Stickers, and Insta Squares.   It's officially retired but you can still find pieces of at the craft stores, like Michaels, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby.  I've seen it at all three, and recently so if you can probably still pick up pieces if you like the bright colors and it's gender neutral flexibility.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sweet Stamp Shop: On Cherry Street Kits

My birthday was last month and one of the presents my parents generously gifted me with was some stamps and goodies from Sweet Stamp Shop.  Besides the planner stamps, I shared yesterday, they also got me two of the now discontinued On Cherry Street kits.  There were a steal since, they were marked down to the price of the stamp set and basically everything else was free.

These are from the Magical Kit.  Guess what?  The crown stamp fit perfectly inside the crown wood veneer!  The "This" stamp inside the circle.  I am beyond excited to use these!

I'm loving the gems on the "Enjoy" card, plus the stars card, plus the magical frame...these are perfect for a holiday to that certain magical kingdom but also lots of other things and I love the colors.

The only downside I see to these kits is that the cards are printed on glossy paper.  That makes it a little harder to write on them, without the ink smearing.

Besides the 3X4 cards in the previous pictures, you also get a few 4X6 for a very nicely rounded kit.  Even at the full price of $15.95 it was priced very nicely, but of course, I liked the clearance price even better. These On Cherry Street kits were kind of an impulse addition to the order but I'm so glad I got them!

My parents also got me the Ahoy Kit, and while I liked the stamp set from the Magical kit, I love this one.  The sentiments are one I can use over and over, such as Read This, Shopped Here, Ate This, etc.  Plus how stinkin' cute are the watermelon slice and Popsicle with the smiley face, and you know arrows are always useful!

Here's a look at the bonus cut out 3X4, a die cut frame, and some of the 4X6 cards.

Isn't the Explore More card cute?  I'm sure these will be popping up on my Project Life layouts next summer!  These would also have been great to use when documenting our Disney Cruise, I may add a few pages in my son's First Year Album and if so, I will be using these there for sure.

And here are the 3X4 cards, ignore the rip on the shark Help Me card, my little guy was a little too excited to get a look at my scrappy goodies and tore it.  No worries, I'll probably use one of the cute wood circles with an arrow stamped on it, to cover that right up!

I'm sorry to be sharing somethings that might not be available anymore, but as most of us are, I was excited to share my cool new things to play with!  Plus, I'm hoping that in the future Sweet Stamp Shop might begin offering these again.  I really like the configurations of the kits, and that the contents are being made in America.

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