Friday, March 1, 2019

Travelers Notebook Insert: Flip Through of my Mommy Lhey B6 Clear TN

Hi Friends!  I have been busier sharing on Instagram than on my much neglected blog so please connect with me there too, my handle is @ktnestingspot.

I'm still into subscription boxes...

Sidenote: Did you hear that Julep just discontinued there Maven program?!? I was a saddened by that, as I do really love their makeup products.  My go to eye look uses only their eyeliner and eye shadow stick, plus their top and smoothing base coats are awesome. I can still order but it's nice to have something automatically show up on your doorstep each month.

Anyhoo, my tendencies to get sidetracked evidently are still in full force.  I wanted to jump on here and show off my latest video.  I watch a lot of YouTube on my Kindle, like A LOT of Youtube... it's a fun and relaxing way to "hang" out with my crafty peeps.  From tutorials, unboxings, and more it's really been a joy to see what so many different papercrafters and other creatives are up doing via their YouTube videos. 

I have been wanting to be more involved in the community vs being a passive viewer, although I do happily pass out "Thumbs Up" Likes on their videos and subscribe to a lot of channels.  One of my 2019 New Year Goals was to JUST DO IT and get to my channel and begin posting and not keep recording videos and then deleting because they're not good enough.  Because the truth is, I'm not a professional and it will be a long time, if ever, that they are "good enough".  But in the meantime I'm missing out by not putting out what I AM creating. 

With that being said, here's the first video I created on my iPhone vs my Canon.  I'm enjoying this format because it's streamlined with easier upload and editing right on my phone.  I've still got a long way to go to learn how to use the tools I've got but to start somewhere :)  I hope you enjoy!


Monday, July 16, 2018

100 Day Project: 100 Days of All About Me

I just finished the most ambitious daily project I've participated in to date.  I still can't really believe I actually completed all 100 entries on a daily basis and on time, except for a short period during which I was on vacation and without easy Internet access. 

Many, many creatives participate in the 100 Day Project, this year it officially began April 3 and you can read more about the concept on The100DayProject site. I have done a few month long photo challenges like October Daily and December Daily but I've never fully committed to anything this long.  I'm not counting Project Life because I have never worked on that as a daily commitment.

When I saw that rukristin was coordinating a journaling project with a daily prompt emailed out to participants each day, I decided THIS was the year to join.  I need the daily push to get anything done, I think so the community feel of it was very helpful and I'm sure was a big part of my success.

I opted to make a handmade binder and travelers notebook style inserts but I highly recommend purchasing the book version.  I found out about the project very last minute or that's what I would've done.  It would've made things a lot easier, because to be honest, figuring out a way to cover up the text on the book pages I used nearly every day, so I'd have room to journal was the biggest challenge and one I wish I'd have skipped so I could've focused on reflecting on my replies more.

But I won't lie, having the chunky two inch thick book with all my completed responses after 100 days was ridiculously satisfying.  I've shared some of my favorite entries above, but you can see all of my pages via the hashtag #ktnlovesdailychallenges on Instagram and while you're there, it would be great if you followed me @ktnestingspot because I love making new crafty friends!


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Insert Binder Project Share

I have kept journals off and on throughout my life ever since I was able to write.  I have ring bound notebooks from elementary school that were no doubt done as daily assignments but nonetheless instilled a love of writing early one.

Ever since I switched to using a Traveler's Notebook format a few years ago, I've amassed a collection of inserts and covers but I often like my fabric covers so much that after the inserts are completed I don't want to put them on shelf for storage.  Recently I decided to upcycle a used book from my local library's sale, into a storage binder for the two family trips we took last year.

Constructing the cover was simple enough.  I cut the covers down to size and covered with paper, covered with contact paper for durability.  Eyelets were set into the spine for the elastic to hold the insets in place and another for the closure elastic. 

I decided not to cut down the book cover height, so that the extra space would provide cover for some tabs and it also gave me room to add a clip with tourist brochures that would otherwise be too tall.

The completed binder evokes the travel theme I was looking for and now I can easily find the journals for our vacations.

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