Sunday, April 1, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Insert Binder Project Share

I have kept journals off and on throughout my life ever since I was able to write.  I have ring bound notebooks from elementary school that were no doubt done as daily assignments but nonetheless instilled a love of writing early one.

Ever since I switched to using a Traveler's Notebook format a few years ago, I've amassed a collection of inserts and covers but I often like my fabric covers so much that after the inserts are completed I don't want to put them on shelf for storage.  Recently I decided to upcycle a used book from my local library's sale, into a storage binder for the two family trips we took last year.

Constructing the cover was simple enough.  I cut the covers down to size and covered with paper, covered with contact paper for durability.  Eyelets were set into the spine for the elastic to hold the insets in place and another for the closure elastic. 

I decided not to cut down the book cover height, so that the extra space would provide cover for some tabs and it also gave me room to add a clip with tourist brochures that would otherwise be too tall.

The completed binder evokes the travel theme I was looking for and now I can easily find the journals for our vacations.


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