Monday, July 30, 2012

Review - Twinkle Toes: The Movie with Video Clip & Coloring Page

Out tomorrow, the Twinkle Toes: The Movie was a big hit with my six year old and I really liked the message for kids.  In it, Grace "Twinkle Toes" Hasting enters a performing arts school after being admitted when the dance teacher she works for applies unbeknownst to Grace.  Why didn't Grace do it herself?  Turns out Grace has a seriously bad case of stage fright and can only show off her amazing skills when no one is looking.

Once there she immediately runs into problems when the reigning star of the school is threatened by Grace and makes her a target for mean taunts and pranks.  With a nod to the times, this takes the form of an embarrassing dance video of Grace being posted online.  It takes the help of her friends to prove what's happening to Grace.

Turning the situation into a positive, Grace builds on her Internet popularity to recruit viewers to contribute toward a benefit show the school puts on to help save their school when budget cuts threaten it's closure.  She overcomes her stage fright just in time to be the star of the show.  One message from the video that I really liked was, Grace learning being different is okay; that you don't have to dance like everyone else to have talent. 

Another is a reminder to teachers, and really all adults, that what we say to kids can really have an impact.  Turns out something a teacher said to Grace is what started her stage fright to begin with.  While I don't say harsh things like that to my daughter, I did I find myself biting my tongue later on when I got frustrated practicing sight words with my daughter and on the verge of asking her how could she not know that word yet!  Instead I moved had her move onto practicing her handwriting while I got my cool back!
Overall, Twinkle Toes: The Movie is an enjoyable video for elementary aged kids, especially those that enjoy dance, and that does a good job of addressing fears your child might share with a good resolution. 
Here is a clip of Grace showing off her skills before a board of judges, determining if she can stay at the school.  She tries to get around her stage fright, by closing her eyes while performing.

Buy Twinkle Toes on, also available at your favorite local retailers: Walmart, Target, and Sketchers stores. You can also learn more and play games on the Twinkle Toes website.


Disclaimer: A complimentary review copy was provided. The experiences and opinions related within are personal and unbiased.

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