Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scrapbook Pages: Baby's 1st Christmas Part 1

I've mentioned a few times on Facebook, that I like to meet my friend Jill at Archiver's for a monthly scrap night.  We had our latest meet up the first weekend in December, it was last minute.  I didn't have much time to prepare and get organized to go.  So I decided to pack up most of my Christmas papers, embellishments, and a stack of pictures from Christmas pasts.  It was a great idea!  It turned out to be one of the crops I've spend the least amount at.  Since I had most of my themed supplies with me, I knew exactly what I had and didn't have to rush out into the store's floor to be tempted by all the goodies on display.  I also used up quite a bit from my stash. 
I've been trying to work on LB's first year scrapbook, ER's year takes up three binders so I want to make sure he has some that are devoted just to his story.  These are in addition to our family scrapbooks so I'm a little behind.  Here are the first two pages on the holidays I've got done.  It feels nice to make a dent on the these, even if I haven't actually made it to Christmas Eve or Day and these are both for events leading up to the 25th of last year.  I hope to have more to add really soon.

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