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Project Life 2013: June 23-29 & June 30-July 4

Despite my best intentions, I didn't finish Part 3 of our vacation, because we were off enjoying our last week of summer vacation instead.  I don't feel too badly about neglecting PL in favor of a last minute beach trip and overnight stay with my parents.  Best to be out living life!

Big events and trips often tend to take me longer to finish adding to Project Life.  While I've been working on that here and there, I have still been moving forward with the weeks so I still have three spreads from my book to share. 
Here is June 23-29.  This was the week my husband Brad was away on a business trip to NYC.  I am planning on doing a spread with pictures from his trip but haven't had time to sit down with him and figure out what all his pictures are of.  That will be coming soon.
On the left half I have pictures from our week at home without Daddy.  The top photo is a picture has my daughter and her neighbor friend in their bathing suits, enjoying the slip n' slide.  I thought it would be best to just leave that one out when sharing. 

Next to that at the top are two pictures showing how my son's new thing is pulling off the couch cushions.  I forgot to use the left one of him and his sister from earlier in the month on a previous spread.  When I took the one of him with the tan cushions it seemed like the perfect opportunity to still include a picture I'd overlooked before.

The middle row has a cool cell phone pic I took of E after we got caught in a downpour.  I love the look of sheer delight on her face.  The page is rounded out with a collage of photos from the Kids in the Kitchen class E took and the pizza cones we made from a fund raising kit.
While Brad was gone, my mom came out to help me a bit and spend the night.  We got up and surprised the kids with a trip to our local bakery for donuts and a trip to the park.  The second half has pictures from this outing. 
{June 30 - July 4}

The week is really through the 6th but since I always take a ton of pictures on the Fourth of July, I knew I'd be ending the week to fit in a spread just on our celebration.

Even though this was an abbreviated week I still had two inserts.  The first one, seen above is of a family picnic we had with my mom's family.  Underneath it is the birth certificate E got when she went to Build A Bear with Grandma Norma for an early birthday present.
I was part of a blog promotion for the Disney Channel movie, Teen Beach Movie and we got a lot of cool supplies to use for a family movie night.  The kids loved getting to eat on towels in the family room and I thought the little photo props were so cute on the kids. 
The right side covers July 2-4.  Most of the pictures on this side are of a trip to a local kid's play center made to look like downtown Detroit - complete with the classic white and blue Motown building.  It was neat and perfect for the little guy.  After we went there, E went with Grandma Norma for a few days at her house.  The collage on the bottom right is about that visit.
We picked E up from Brad's mother's house on July 4th and I included some pictures from her house on the back of the insert.
{4th of July}

After getting E we all continued on to my friend Margaret's house where we had some fun festive food and the girls got to set of pop 'ems and do sparklers.  It was E's first time doing sparklers and she was very excited.
I still need to fill in a few details on the journaling card.  I just love how all the red, white, and blue all came together for this patriotic page spread! 
Thanks for coming by to see how my Project Life album is progressing.  If you have any questions about the supplies I used, please leave them in the comment section.

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I also love all that red and blue on the last pages. Many great and inspiring pages

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