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Chuggington Snow Rescue on DVD, Now Available!

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Newly released, Chuggington: Snow Rescue on DVD has just chugged into the stores and is also available online.  It's ready for you to bring home for some traintastic fun for the family!  My son is three years old and one of the first favorites he developed was for trains.  He was and is crazy about them!  He is a big ball of energy, but he's been into Chuggington since the first time he first heard, "Honk your horns...choo, choo!"

Ever since we got this for review, he's been watching it whenever I let him!  It's such a hit that it goes from the house, into the mini van's DVD player, and back inside because he can't be without it.  It's his favorite train themed programs, and his sister's pick too, since she ends up watching them with her little brother.

I think the bright and colorful world of Chuggington, the delightfully animated characters, plus the interesting & varied story lines really make it stand out.  With a well rounded group of main characters to choose from, each episode is new and different as they frequently shift around which Chugger is the focus of the story.  When the show first debuted on Disney Junior, and I hadn't seen nearly every episode multiple times, I would find myself finishing a episode even if the kids went off to baths with their Daddy.  I wanted to know how they ended!  

Enjoy this preview clip from this new Chuggington DVD and then look forward to the the following -

Episodes Included:
  • Snow Rescue Special: It's wintertime in Chuggington and the Chuggers make special preparations for the magical Winter Parade.
  • Iron Chuggers: The Chuggineers compete with the Steam Team for the coveted Iron Chuggers title
  • Deputy Chug Patrollers: Koko, Brewster and Wilson have a day off. Meanwhile, Chatsworth is helping with the filming of Action Chugger's latest movie and gets wedged in a tunnel.
  • Movie Maker Brewster: Brewster makes a movie about Chuggington for Mayor Pullman which even impresses Action Chugger.
  • Toot’s Tall Tale: Toot pretends to be ill to get out of doing track inspection.
Special Features:
  • Bonus Badge Quest Episode: Wilson Winter Feed
  • New Character Montages: Fletch, Cormac and Tyne
  • Coloring and Activity Sheets (DVD-ROM)
I also have some fun resources to share with that will extend the fun after your little Chuggers have finished watching the DVD.  You can turn it on and then make a yummy treat and color in your favorite Chuggers for a fun family activity night!
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Click the image above to download some delicious treats from buttery cookies to "Steaming" hot chocolate and even sweet teat that begins with fresh snow!  Plus make a cool train cake, with tips on how to turn box mix into something really special, without a specialty pan!

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While your waiting for the "Traintastic" treats to be ready, keep little hands busy with two coloring sheets.  These are great for hanging on your child's bedroom wall afterward so he/she can always see their favorite Chuggington friends!

I hope your family enjoys Chuggington: Snow Rescue on DVD as much as mine has.  My little guy is fascinated by trains.  This program is full of friendly role model characters that help guide the Trainees Wilson, Koko, and Brewster and teach them valuable life lessons.  It's a great show for kids that teaches values, with positive story lines that I never have to be concerned about being inappropriate for my children to watch.  


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