Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sweet Stamp Shop - Planner & Food Stamp Sets

I think just about everyone in the paper crafting community has jumped on the planner bandwagon, including it would seem, me!  Actually, it's probably more of a return for me.  I remember being especially attached to a purple Franklin Covey binder.  Then once I was teaching, using my lesson plan book to record all my appointments, etc. besides just what activities would be available during center time.

This time around planner love is even more fun, because there are more option than ever before.  Whatever style or colors you adore, chances are there is a product or two or ten that are perfect. Right now, I'm still in the mist of planner indecision and actually using three different ones in addition to my iPhone.

I have the prettiest compact Katie Daisy planner.  I'm using that to record a quick memory or two in daily, mainly quick antidotes about the kids.  The illustration inside are what makes this a total treat for the eyes and it's filled with uplifting sentiments as well.  I love that it will be a beautiful keepsakes to look back over in the years to come.

Then I recently scored a gorgeous Lily Pulitzer Agenda at one of their stores for half off, because it started in August 2014 and was February 2015 when I bought it.  I'm using that for person projects that don't affect my whole family, like recording my 30 Days of Lists and Listers Gotta List.  It is also just lovely inside, so if you are into decorating your planner, you might find there isn't too much left to do.

Then, I've got my Sugar Paper planner for everyday use, here is an in depth overview of it.  That is the planner I've taken a couple of pictures inside of, so you can see the stamps I'm going to share, in action.  My parents helped enable my paper addiction by gifting these to me for my birthday last month.  Thanks again Mom & Dad, you always know exactly what I want most!

Since I am by no means an expert stamper, I'm also using it to practice using the right amount of pressure to get the cleanest image.   As you can see above, I'm also working on comparing inks.  The top eye glasses, eye, and appointment are done in ek tools black dye based ink and I don't recommend that it.  The bottom plate and silverware + lunch are all in a ColorBox black, and made a much more crisp and vibrant image.

Below the clock and coffee cup are both stamped in Tsukineko Dew Drop Ink and those are my favorites because the size is smaller and perfect for small stamps like these.

First of all, some quick details about Sweet Stamp Shop.  Each of these sets comes on a plastic sheet approximately 2 inches in width and 5.75 inches in length.  Some of the stamps, especially the words are quite small, making them perfect for even the smallest planners.  Second, the stamps are made in the US and the packaging is made in San Diego.  Third, it's sounds like a pretty small operation with sets still being hand assembled.  All things I really like, as I've always thought supporting small businesses is important!  Plus, it makes me feel like I'm supporting someone's dream, and who doesn't like to do that!

These two sets I got with general day to day planning in mind.  The cute little icons really make your calendar grid cuter, and the small words help keep it looking neat and tidy.  There's a great range of things to represent many common events and appointments.  I think these will be heavily used!

Once I decided to jump fully into the planner world, I wanted to add a few more specialty sets to my collection.  I think Plan to Eat might even be more of a basic set that's more of a necessity than extra.  After all, we all eat and need a cute way to write down dinner plans with friends!

That one and the next fitness themed set go hand in hand for me.  I'm trying to get more serious about taking care of myself and getting a better handle on managing my Type II Diabetes.  (I'm doing pretty good but could always do better!)  I wanted this one because, I'm much more likely to do something if it's in my planner, because I hate seeing something written down but not done.  Since I'm also very visual, I'm finding that even after just a few weeks, the cuteness factor really does help motivate me.

The last two sets can probably be considered fun extras, but yes, I totally "needed" the Foodie set.  I got the Take Out set because we eat Chinese food, surprisingly often.  My daughter's favorites include Panda Express, a Steam Tray place at the mall, PF Changs, and so on so, I'm pretty sure we'll get ample use out of this one!

I'm really pleased with these stamps!  I think they'll be useful in not just my planner, but also my Project Life pages and other assorted paper crafting projects.  With the right ink pads they perform extremely well, even with such little and detailed images.  I'll be watching their new releases and adding to my wish list, I'm sure!  I'm also enjoying their blog a lot too.


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