Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paper Mosiac Heart Valentine

Last year ER and I made Mommy and Me Valentines, at that time she wanted to paint every day all day and I wanted a project that would incorporate some of her art. She painted the paper we used and I backstiched the sentiment on the front of the cards.
This year ER is into gluing and as always I have a big selection of paper scraps leftover from scrapbooking. She enjoyed making the heart for Great Grandma, that I decided to make a variation of that project for our cards.
Ours are "Cinderella" blue, because that's what ER is all about right now, and are cute little mini sized cards. To make them, cut a 12X12 piece of cardstock into three 4X12 pieces and then score every 4 inches. ER glued paper scraps to the bottom portion.
After it dried I trimmed the edges, traced a heart in the middle portion of the paper strip, and cut it out with a craft knife. Attach adhesive around the opening and then fold the bottom portion up and press to seal and to make the "window".
Add a message to your Valentine and sign. These are on the smaller size because I didn't want ER to get tired of making them before we had enough for her entire preschool class. I am going to have her trace her name on it and put it into a little treat bag with some candy for each classmate.

A little tip: All the glue caused the paper to warp a bit, and I had to put it under some heavy books to flatten it out a bit. Plan for this to be a two day project if your child is heavy handed with the glue bottle like mine is.

3 Friends Said:

Ticia said...

or glue sticks, that could work too I bet.
This would be super popular here. I need to get us started on Valentine's Day stuff, how does it creep up so fast?

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Beautiful =)

Dawn said...

cute-my 4 yr old would love this

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