Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowball Counting Activity

I put together this simple center, with a counting mat for numbers up to fifteen, for my kindergarten class and recently got it out to use with ER. I'm focusing on numbers up to five because at this time, my goal objective is number recognition.
It's very easy to make up the counting boards, and it's a good time for finding paper doilys on sale too. The stickers are so the kids can self check their work. In my classroom I had a large number line stapled to one wall, that they could also refer to. These are laminated for durability, but if doing this at home it's probably not necessary.
All the kids have to do is place the right number of "snowballs" i.e. cotton balls onto the the large snowflake. I like how they can see the numeral, sight word, and visual representation of the number all at once. ER is fairly proficient at counting out and representing numbers to ten. So as I stated at the top, I make a point to point to the number and finger trace it in the air while we do this activity.

6 Friends Said:

Ticia said...

Nice self-correcting activity. Super simple.

Jedda said...

I just bought some cotton balls and this is looks like so much fun! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

LOVE it! So simple yet so great!

Mama King said...

Look what happens when I take the week off from reading other peoples blogs! I missed all your great posts. I always love your educational posts. This is perfect for us to try. I also think the notebooks came out so cute. I just need that binder machine. We still love reading your cool ER, Lu & Em book. Hope your doing well! Watching the new Project Runway? Kim

Debra @ A Frugal FRiend said...

I just love all your craft ideas......I'm stealing this one! :-) Thanks

Ellen said...

Very cool! Def something that I would like to use once my son gets a little older. Seeing as how you are in education ---- I want to homeschool, any ideas for "curriculm" to start now with my now 9 month old?

Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

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