Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Martha Stewart Home Office by Avery

I'm a huge office supply and organizer product junkie.  When I won the giveaway for some goodies from the new Martha Stewart Home Office by Avery line from Molly at Go Mom! Outsmart the Chaos I was over the moon with excitement! 

I was somewhat familiar with the products, although I had not yet seen any in person, because it seems like very Project Life blogger is using her file folder labels on their pages.  I've been eager to get to a Staples to check out the kraft labels.  I had no idea what to expect but thought it would be along the lines of what Molly reviewed and I was hoping it would include one of the gorgeous looking shagreen binders in blue.  I was not disappointed!
I got not just the blue shagreen binder but also a small format shagreen binder in a cheerful shade of red.  They are beautiful, here is a better view of texture on the binders so you can appreciate just how lovely they are, with a bin of sheen to them.
One of the best details put into the design of the larger blue shagreen binder is great little pocket with fabric sides that expands as you fill it.  It is not the length of the whole inside but is sized to fit standard 8.5X11 sheets of paper. 
The other nice thing, are the One-Touch EZD™ rings that open with the press of this rubber covered tab.  They are described as holding 50% more paper than other rings the same size.  I haven't loaded this one up yet, but since I always have a ton of loose papers, I sure hope they do!
Along with the blue shagreen binder I got an assortment of accessories.  It's hard to pick a favorite, but the filler pages are pretty special.  They are printed in the same shade as the blue binder and on one end is a perforated task list, so you can easily tear off your to do list.  Funny how such a simple thing can be so innovative. 

If I was still teaching, I could see myself taking notes during staff meetings, while being able to write out my grocery list at the same time.  I mean, if I did that sort of thing, because no siree my mind never, ever wandered during staff meetings! 
Everything that can be made more beautiful is, the dividers have a subtle linen print on one side, solid on the other.  I also got a zipper pouch, which is very handy for loose things like stamps and a pen. 
I got a similar set of accessories for the small format shagreen binder in red, the main difference being the dividers.  These are also write on but made out of plastic for durability. 
I love the pretty little note tabs and sticky notes are so much I had to show you both sets.  They come in flourish, shown above, and notch, shown below.  You'll want both just for the cuteness factor alone, but also because they stick longer and to more surfaces than most.  The note tabs are really thick and heavy, no worrying that they'll come off your pages and you'll loose track of your sections.
The best part?  They fit perfectly inside each of the binders, so you never have to hunt for one again.  Love these!  Thank you so much to Molly at Go Mom! Outsmart the Chaos and Avery for this fun bundle of Martha Stewart Home Office by Avery!  I am excited to add the calendar and one as our family command center binder to keep all of our schedules organized.


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