Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project Life Week 18

I have always loved the look of the big 6X12 photo enlargements Jessica shares in her Project Life and finally tried it with one of LB's 9 month photos.  Love it!  By happy accident, the colors I picked to use on the photo even match the month divider.  Isn't it nice when things just work out?
For the longest time I just could not figure out how I was going to make Design E work at the beginning of the week. I finally resorted to a quick page for the weekly title "card".  The two photo spots were already there but there was a lot of planned "white" space in the original design.  I filled those in with a journaling spot element and like the end result a lot more than I did initially.  The 6X6 digital pages for the start of the week, look great but add a lot of time to the assembly process.  I think next time I will try using this type of page protector with traditional paper supplies for a completely different look.
I had two 6X12 inserts this week.  On the page protector I sewed to customize, with the 9 month photo shown at top, is a bulleted list of all the things our busy boy is doing.  I got a lot of the developmental ideas from a questionaire at his well baby doctor check up and it was interesting to see all the things they are looking for the babies to be doing already.

The other insert is made out of one of my kit page protectors, the ones I use a majority of the time.  It's simply cut in half and gives me room to tell two longer stories from the week.  The side shown are pictures from the field trip I chaperoned.  The otherside are more pictures from the birthday party we went to on Saturday.  There are lots of faces that I don't normally share on the blog so I opted to keep that private.
 Here's the second half of the week...my baby girl looking so grown up in her new shirt picked out from the "big girl" section at Target...sniff, sniff no more T on her clothing tags!  The next picture is of her kindergarten teacher along with some of the other girls in class.  I stopped by to take some pictures of all the kids on the playground for the teacher and got this great group shot.  On the tag I am going to write each person's name.  Since I would have to smudge them out for sharing, I decided to wait until after photographing the layout and saving myself the step.

The weekend started off with a pizza and play date after school on Friday.  I dragged my good friend into the new local scrapbook store, where I got the coupon card, and thought it was fitting to use it with some photos with her.  The have a great day tag has been in my stash forever and I added it after thinking that 4X6 section was just missing something.

The last photo is of my Godbrother, his wife, and their baby boy - who shares the same first name as ours.  They threw a great party, one that will be hard to live up to and top in a few months!  This is the party that is also featured in my second page insert that I kept private.
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3 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love what you did with the Design E page. I used that for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago. And your 6x12 photo looks great!

sharon71 said...

Lovely layouts. The 6x12 does look great.

I'm most impressed with the amount of journaling you do - I need to pick up with that.

Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

The half page picture is a cool idea. I finally figured out a way to do a collage within a collage on picassa. LOL!

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