Friday, May 18, 2012

Sew Fierce's Ruffled Peasant Dress, Love It!

My friend Steph over at Sew Fierce has done it again, made the perfect dress!   We got this in the mail and ER squealed with delight.  She had to put it on immediately and wear it the rest of the day, mind was NOT dress weather at all.  But that's how excited she was.
After the sun decided to come on back to MI we headed outside to snap a few pictures so everyone could see how super cute it is.  It's an A-line and has a lovely clean classic silhouette with a funky ruffle to add some personality!  I love how the ruffles flitter a bit in the breeze. 
Steph's got another one listed, in different fabric but equally fabulous :)  So hurry on over and pick it up before it's gone!
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