Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Life Weeks 23 & 24

We were on vacation up north last week and I didn't have time to photograph Week 23 before leaving.  Today I'm posting both Week 23 and Week 24 to catch up.  On the first one I had to edit out some photos with friends of ours so I know it's not much to look at.  I'll share a couple of close ups of my favorite parts of this spread.

Left Side:

I had took three not so great pictures that together equal a funny moment and tried using more than one slot to tell a story.  I slapped on some washi tape to give it a little pizazz and called it a done.  LB interrupting breakfast by breaking into Daddy's presents is one of the little things that we might forget over time.  Now that it's in Project Life, it might just end up being one of those little antidotes we tell over and over.

ER is losing teeth right and left.  She lost four in two weeks.  When I took the picture of her new smile I had no idea it was going to change again by the end of the week!  I had the journaling card in the slot with orange paper but have yet to move the details from my planner to it.
In the middle I used another date card cut from a larger sheet that's by Studio Calico.  I used one last week too.  Next to it is a free printable from Children Inspire Design that I've been wanting to use for a long time.  Next to that is some sidewalk chalk art ER made that she said represents our family of four.
Also at the bottom of the page are two more pictures that might not be awesome but capture a cute moment between siblings.  ER is trying to teach LB to walk by practicing with him.  Her words of encouragement were so cute to hear!

Right Side:

It was our first week off of school and I made a conscious effort not to over schedule our time.  We relaxed hung out and had time for playing and swinging our days away.  The cute kite card is from a paper pack by MAMBI.

Underneath that is a picture of my ER after loosing her second tooth in one week!  It must have been very loose because she lost it into a piece of cake at our libary's summer reading program kick off.
The entire middle column has pictures from our neighbor's moving party.  I removed all of them for privacy, while posting on the blog.

The week ended with us giving Brad his Father's Day gifts early because we were going to out the next day.  I bought one of Paper Coterie's Premium Kraft Collection Photo Books for Brad, back when they were on sale and love how it turned out.  There's a picture of him looking at it with the kids, I like how even LB is interested.  So that just about sums it all up!  No inserts or extra complications this week - short and sweet! 

Week 24

Week 24 is 95 percent done so I decided to share it and then be caught up sharing online, since I run a week behind real dates.  This keeps me caught up, while still giving me some extra time to get my photos developed.

It started with Father's Day and also my Grandpa's birthday.  The rest of the week was busy but for some reason I wasn't that motivated to pick up the camera.  Ever have weeks like that?  We were planning for our trip up north and with all the organizing, shopping, and packing I was too tired to do much.
We went to his nursing home for cake and took some nice family pictures on the dock that's on the property.  I decided the entire left side would focus on that day.  The paper, die cut, and cupcake sticker are all Doodlebug Design Inc.  As you can see, I've yet to go and add the actual journaling.
Most of the pictures representing the second half of the week were actually taken on the same day.  I have a bunch of LB showing what my daily life is like with a ten month old.  Then there's ER loosing yet another tooth!  All in all, she lost four teeth in two weeks!  This after nothing for a whole year.

The week ended with a relaxed visit with my high school friend and sorority sister Melissa, who was also my maid of honor.  We go way back!  My MIL came out and watched the kiddos so I could go see her precious baby by myself.  We had a great time chatting and lunching, so relaxed without all the little ones to watch over.

After assembling Week 24, I realized I forgot to leave room for a weekly date title card.  I used a free printable from Rebecca Cooper in the bottom row, and am planning on adding the dates there.
Jessica Sprague's website just celebrated their birthday and I took advantage of their awesome 40% off sale to pick up a lot of digital kits.  I may have went a little overboard, but I love Echo Park and just couldn't resist snagging a bunch of their papercrafting kits, in digital form.  I am always using their stuff and it'll be great not to run out of things!

Becky Higgin's Project Life kits were also on sale, only 20% so not as much as the rest of the site but something is better than nothing!  I went ahead and picked up the full Clementine kit, the horizontal journaling cards, plus some of the other kit's extra elements because I can easily change their colors.  I was so excited to incorporate some of it this week.
Next week I should have a lot to share as Week 25 was our week at the rental cottage in Norther Michigan, up by Little Traverse Bay and Mackinac Island.  I think I'm going to break with tradition and give each day an entire half page spread.  It's also the end of June and I'll be completing my first 2012 Project Life Binder.  I'm glad I've been able to cram the first six months into just one!

I'm linking up to The Mom Creative as usual.


7 Friends Said:

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

I love all your pages, your creativity is amazing!

Lois said...

Great pages - love all the color!

heather johnson photography said...

Echo Park is one of my big weaknesses as well. Can't help myself, there stuff is too cute! Great pages as always, love the close-ups of your daughter!
~heather www.hgjphotography.com

Jenny said...

These are great! That is so funny that she lost two teeth in the same week.

LOL at the last pics of LB passed out in the bouncer.

kate adderley said...

great pages katie, love the quote and the toothy grin- awesome

Kelli said...

The dancing siblings photos are great! I also love the one of your little one passed out in the jumper - I have so many photos of my youngest doing the same thing :)

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

Cute cute! Wow 4 teeth lost in a week! My daughter got in 6 teeth in a month - ouch!
LB is too cute! Hope he's not causing too much trouble for you! Taking steps yet?

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