Monday, September 24, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Activity: Friendship Glitter Pins

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That's how long,
I will be your friend.

Many a Girl Scout has learned these words and we sing the first two verses during each Daisy Girl Scout meeting.  Last week kicked off a new year of scouting fun, my second year as a co-leader.  We welcomed three new girls into our friendship circle and to mark the occassion we made these pins.
Inspired by the song, each girl made one gold and one silver pin to represent the two types of friends.  We used a wooden disc to echo the line about a circle being round and reinforce that friendship has no end.  The idea was that each girl would make a pin with her own initial on it and one flower "Daisy" pin to give away to a friend.
I prepared the project by using my Sizzix die cuts and heavy duty double sized adhesive sheets I found at Michael's.  I don't know if an electronic machine could cut through the sheets and I wasn't willing to risk my Cricut to find out.  It was a little hard to cut through the layers with the metal die system.  I had to use my scissors to cut some parts apart.  It was time consuming but not difficult.  Next, I peeled off one side of backing and put onto the wooden disc, leaving the top layer of protective covering on.   I also hot glued on a pin backing to each.

During the meeting the girls just had to take off the remaining backing and put their pin face down into the plastic containers of fine glitter.  Give it a few taps to knock off excess and then we each had our own glittery new accessories.  The only draw back was that the girls liked them so much they didn't want to give their flower pin away.  We had them, write their name on the back of their flower pin, and then had them exchange amongst each other instead.

This idea originated at Oh, Hello Friend.


4 Friends Said:

KC Coake said...

What a cute idea. I'm a Daisy leader this year and always looking for ideas. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Cute idea!! I am a Brownie leader this year (give me strength) to 16 girls. I am always looking for SWAP ideas. I am going to have to remember this one!!

Unknown said...

Cute! I remember those days! They were great!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

My daughter is starting Daisies this Tuesday. 2 of my friends are the group leaders.

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