Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Up for Auction: Halloween Pocket & Tag Coil Bound Mini Book

I'm taking part in The Children's Tumor Foundation Auction on my friend Blythe's The Desperate Craftwives Facebook Page. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for Neurofibromatosis.  Blythe's good friend's little girl has it and is currently battling a tumor on her brain stem.  An eight year old third grader is way too young to have to battle anything like that!  You can learn a little bit more about Kaitlyn on her donation pledge page.
I made this beautiful mini book especially for the online auction, this is how it works.  Each day one of Blythe's amazing sponsors is featured on The Desperate Craftwive's Facebook Page.  Bidders post their bid in a comment on the annoucement.  You can see a full list of the sponsors on Blythe's blog.  My Halloween Mini Book will be up for auction on or around September 24th and I'll ship it right away so the winner can have it to use next month.   I hope you'll consider bidding on and the other auction items and help a good cause. 

This one of a kind mini book is approximately 6 inches wide by 7 inches tall, has paper covered chipboard covers, and is coil bound.  It features premium double sided archival quality papers, including some glittered and one flocked used for the cover. 

Inside you will find:
6 6X7 inch large stitched pockets
6 5.5X6.5 inch double sided tags
4 5X4 inch stitched small pockets
4 4.25X3.5 inch tags
1 4.5X4 inch stitched small pocket
1 3.75X3.5 inch tag
2 transparency sheets with vinyl

Each page, pocket, and tag has been embellished by me using premium archival quality papercrafting supplies such as:
machine stitched details
washi tape
inked paper edges
colorful die cuts
glittery die cuts
embossed stickers
dimentional stickers

This Halloween Pocket and Tag Coil Bound Mini Book is ready for pictures of your favorite trick-or-treater and journaling.  Document one of the most spooktacular months of the year.  I had so much fun assembling it and hope you enjoy the pictures below.
First Page Spread
Detail of Die Cuts and Embossed Sticker
First Large Tag, Inside of Jack-o-Lantern Pocket

Record your memories on the ghost side and add a picture to the photo mat on the reverse side.  Or add a picture at the top of the lined paper and use the remaining lines for your journaling.
Second Page Spread
Mini Pocket and Embellished Tag

Die cuts and stamped spider on one side, perfect for journaling.  The other side has been left blank for you to add a picture.
Transparency Sheet with Vinyl.
Vinyl on Transparency
Second Large Tag, Inside of Witch and the Moon Pocket

Front with space for either a photo or journaling and the back featuring a large monster die cut.
Third Page Spread
Second Mini Tag with Die Cut and Embossed Sticker, Back Side Blank
Third Tag, Inside of Spooky Tree Pocket

Front with area for a photo and layer sticker and lined back.
Fourth Page Spread

Aren't the owls cute?  I think this would be a great spot to use letter stickers (not included) to spell out a quote for your kid/grandchild, or perhaps even you or a favorite Halloween movie.  The mini pocket has a dimentional sticker and glittery orange swirls on the paper.
Tag inside of mini pocket with multiple die cuts and inked paper edges.
Fourth Tag Inside of Multi-Colored Polka Dot Pocket

Front with die cut paper tape and rub on "thrills" and back with paper tape and stickers.
Fifth Page Spread
Tag inside of Mini Pocket with Die Cuts and Sticker
Second Transparency Sheet with Vinyl

This is supposed to be a Shakespeare quote but I didn't realize it's supposed to be "Double, double, toil, and trouble," until after I had already cut out the vinyl and attached it.  If the winner of the auction wants to remove this page, it can be cut out easily.
Fifth Tag, Inside the Witch Pocket

I affectionately call this the skeleton tag.  Lined front with sticker and back with glittery border and rub one "beware".
Sixth Page Spread: The witch paper is glittery :)
Tag inside of Mini Tag with Die Cut and Stamped "Trick or Treat"
Last Tag, Inside of Candy Corn Pocket

Space for a photo underneath the witch and for writing on the lined side.
Seventh Page Spread

Featuring a large ghost die cut and embossed stickers.  Orange paper has glittery swirls.
Back Cover: Titles on gravestones are raised with flock-liked texture.

There you have it, I know there were a lot of pictures but I wanted bidders to be able to really see all the detail that went into making this fabulous Halloween Mini Book!  I enjoyed sharing it with you, now...get ready, set, bid!  I'll see you on The Desperate Craftwives Facebook Page!


4 Friends Said:

Blythe said...

Katie...This is AMAZING! I can't believe how much work you put into this. Thank you so much!

eriochrome said...

That is really nice. Looks like you put in a ton of work on this.

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, this is so cute! You are seriously talented!!

Paige Turner said...

You are very talented. I have given your blog the Liebster Award!! Please check it out!

-Paige Turner

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