Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

Friends, we have been sicker than sick around here!  My seven year old has been coughing off and on all winter.  It had gotten better but then at church one day it was so obnoxious and embarrassing how much she was coughing.  Now she is quite the drama queen so we just thought she was over exaggerating, cause that's the kind of kid she can be. I'm sure everyone around her thought she had the plague!  Well, turns out she kinda sorta did!

I was also so congested, with the sorest throat I can remember, and having some ear pain.  We both went into the doctor two weeks or so ago.  Mine was a very nasty virus; there wasn't much they could do but advise rest, fluids, etc.  I was so bad off Brad had to take a few days off because I couldn't do much but lay in bed, drugged up on Sudafed.  When he did go back to work, I only made it through the day by napping during LB's nap time and going to bed the minute Brad came home at night.

While dealing with all that fun we had both kids at home because E was on a five day course of antibiotics for parapertussis, as in a strain of whooping cough!  It wasn't the form they have to report to the health department but it was still quite contagious.  She was bouncing off the walls and horribly bored because I couldn't do to much being sick myself.  On top of all this the little guy also had an ear infection so all three of us were on round the clock medication.  Brad was the only one feeling marginally well, and he had a cold too.  Unfortunately for him, he was best off of us and had to assume most of the parenting and house chores.

I know you are thinking, what does this have to do with shopping?  Well, for one I wanted to explain why there has been almost no activity here on the blog.  Sheer exhaustion, but I'm almost back to normal now.  Two, being stuck inside for over a week meant I was itching to get out and do a little shopping.

I stocked up on Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles back in the fall, snagging several to give as teacher gifts when they were 2 for $20.  In the new year they raised their candle price to $22.50, not that I'd ever pay that.  Emails started coming for their sale and I so wanted to go but the weather has been so off and on bad I hadn't been able to make it out to a store.  Then on day before the last day of the sale - last Saturday, I finally hit one up and my plan was to get the Garden Strawberry and one other scent.

Clearly, that didn't happen!  Not only did Garden Strawberry not make the final selection, neither did Pink Passion Fruit, the other one I thought we'd end up with.  I did sort of stick within my comfort zone with more that one with a lemon/citrus scent.  The Red Velvet Cupcake was E's pick, and it is pretty yummy.  She also wanted the Frosted Cupcake but I drew the line at one baked scent.

So tell me, what have you splurged on lately?


1 Friends Said:

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Great candle haul! I really need to get more candles back in the house, I love them but I forget to buy

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