Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

This post contains an ipsy referral link, product links are for information purposes & I do not receive any kind of compensation for these.  This is not a sponsored post.

Beauty rocks at Ipsy and so did this month's bag!  I got five items and a really cute record themed bag so let's check them out!

pop! goes the shadow by Elizabeth Mott in Champagne, Full Size $12.99: This item alone is more than the entire ipsy bag, proving that this is one great subscription!  I like the clear packaging and this shimmery color would make a great base color.  It needs a primer if you don't want to have to use several swipes.  It was nice to find such a pretty and usable color included, but for a few dollars more I can get a MAC shadow and in my opinion those are far superior in performance.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size in Black Velvet, Full Size $20: This is travel sized but nearly full size so it was great to find it inside of my cute record themed bag this month.  Urban Decay is super popular and on the more expensive side so I had yet to try anything by them.

On a side note, I needed a new eye liner and almost bought one last weekend but then remembered that so many beauty subscription boxes seem to send eye liners that people complain about it.  My makeup collection is fairly small, one of the main reasons I got into monthly subscription services so maybe in time I will think that too, but for now I was ecstatic to get an eye liner in both my April Ipsy and BB.

Coastal Scents Medium Eye Shadow Brush, $2.49: I was surprised by just how affordable this brush is!  It will be great for shading the crease and highlighting the brow bone.  I needed a bush just like this so it's a good addition to my collection and holds up nicely in comparison to my MAC brushes. Not the same by any means but still quite nice.

Starlooks Luscious Longwear Lip Pencil in Naked, Full Size $14: Another full sized "sample" from what I can tell, that retails for more that the cost of the bag!  This is supposed to be a nude color but not for me.  It looked kinda pinkish orange and not in a good way.  However, it's perfectly fine for lining and filling in my lips to add staying power for lip stick so it will come in handy.  I would have been happier with the Apple Pink Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm or the Mary Kay Jelly Lip Gloss so hopefully Ipsy will sample those in the months to come.

dr. brandt microdermabrasion, Full Size: $78: I previously got this sample from Birchbox but never tried it because, seriously seventy eight bucks?!  I didn't think the sample was enough to let me know if did all the amazing things it supposed to do and I wasn't going to be ordering a full sized product unless I knew for sure it would deliver.

However, I have used this once so far and a little goes a long way so the sample size is actually more generous than it might look at first glance.  I was really happy with how smooth my skin felt afterward.  I would use with a gentle touch while massaging because it did make my cheek quite red for awhile.  Now that I have two samples to work through, I'm really going to be able to put this to the test.

So that was pretty much awesome with three full sized products and one just about with the Urban Decay.  This was great for the price and I will get use out of everything.  At first I thought Ipsy pretty much beat Birchbox but when I take into consideration that with the review points I earn at BB that box only cost $3, well I have to give it up to Birchbox.  Both subscription services were well worth their $10 price!


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