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Product Review: New Weight Watchers Ice Cream, the Perfect Addition to an Active Lifestyle

Disclosure: Complimentary samples were provided.  No other compensation was received.  The experiences and opinions related are personal and unbiased.

I love spring and the return of the sun, blue skies, and fresh air after a long winter.  The past one was especially harsh with record making low temperatures and snow fall here in Michigan.  It feels like we've been stuck inside for way too long.

The first few days it hit the fifties it seemed like the neighborhood came alive.  Everyone was outside riding bikes, walking dogs, playing in backyards, and getting active after way too many heavy winter meals and days when it was too cold to go anywhere but the couch to watch television.

My two and a half year old little guy wants to be outside all day, every day and I've been chasing after him as he scoots along in his little vehicles.  I know as the days get nicer and nicer that trend is just going to continue as we head to parks and beaches on our state's famous lakes.

Warm weather also means I start craving some sweet treats and that since I'm so active I'm more apt to give in and indulge in some ice cream!  Now, as many of you know, I am Type II diabetic so you may be thinking, "Now wait a second, ice cream?"  Yes, it can be part of my meal plan with a careful balance of physical activity, portion control, and overall healthy food choices.

This is where Weight Watchers ice cream fits in perfectly for me.  These portion controlled cups of their new low fat ice cream cups and Greek frozen yogurt cups are great ways for me to indulge a little, as my dietitian stresses is very important, so I don't feel deprived and then go overboard.  As long as I balance my treats with some activity my blood sugar levels stay within target.

The new Weight Watchers Low Fat Ice Cream Cups have been released in two classic flavors, both favorites of mine!  The Chocolate Fudge Brownie combines creamy chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces, yum!  It really satisfies my chocolate cravings.

The carbohydrates per serving of this flavor is 22g and when you take off the 3g of dietary fiber that brings it to 19g per single serving cup.  That's only slightly more than the 15g of carbohydrates that counts as one of my servings I keep track of per day.  I love being able to indulge without feeling too guilty and with about 20-30 minutes of activity I can even "earn" my serving of carbohydrates back.

Now as a diabetic, I am mostly concerned about how carbohydrates aka sugars affect my blood sugar levels for good diabetic control.  That's the first thing I check when looking at nutrition facts for a product, but I know for good overall diet other things like calories, fat and protein are also important.  Both the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Mint Chocolate Chip varieties have just 100 calories and 1g of fat for a 3 PointsPlus value per cup.  It's so nice to know that while I concentrate on carb counting, Weight Watchers has taken care of keeping this a sensible treat that won't mess up my diet!

Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my very favorite ice cream flavors so I was ecstatic to find this Weight Watchers version.  I have to confess, I let myself eat one of these without any guilt at all!  I love the cool, creamy, and refreshing taste!  I used to try not to keep this flavor at home for fear of binging so I'd only get it out at ice cream parlors and the like, but the amount I'd get was always way too much.  These single serving cups are a much better way for me to have ice cream in my life and help me keep better track of the nutritional value of what I'm putting in my mouth!

Besides the Mint Chocolate Chip my other favorite flavor of the new varieties that come in a single serving cup were the absolutely fantastic Weight Watchers Greek Frozen Yogurt Cups in Strawberry Swirl.  Since these are frozen yogurt they still have the benefits of Greek yogurt such as active cultures and 5g of protein but are still just 100 calories with a PointsPlus value of 3.

The hint of strawberry is what makes these so delicious.  Strawberries equal summer to me so I'm sure I'll be snacking on these all season long.  These have 19g of carbohydrates, minus the 2 dietary fiber that's down to 17g and the 5g of protein balance out the difference between the 17g and my target 15g of carbs per serving.  This means for me, this is perfectly portioned carbs!

The Weight Watchers Greek Frozen Yogurt Cups also come with a black cherry swirl  These were my least favorite flavor from this tasting.  It's a personal thing, I don't really like black cherry flavor unless it's really faint but this tastes pretty full bodied to me.  This is really is a good thing for black cherry fans, I'm sure they'll be really happy with them.  After all, if you try out a particular flavor you want to actually taste like it!

All this deliciousness is waiting for you!  The new Weight Watchers low fat ice cream cups and Greek frozen yogurt cups are now available at grocery stores nationwide and have a suggested retail of $4.99

Before I move on, I think I should point out and you may have noticed it in my photos, the swirl that is evident in the packaging photo on the Greek frozen yogurt doesn't really show up as much in the actual product.  This didn't bother me, it's much more subdued and not as evenly distributed in real life.  I know food packaging usually shows ideal conditions, but I've always found images on Weight Watchers Ice Cream varieties to be very true to life, the exception being this one.

Besides the single serving sized cups of ice cream and frozen yogurt that are so perfect for me, as I can guarantee I could never scoop up a perfectly portioned sized one on my own, I also got these.  To be completely frank, I wasn't too excited by the idea of them because due to my lower sodium diet I find most food with "Salted" in the title way too salty to be palatable.

Wow, not the case at all with the new Weight Watchers Salted Caramel Candy Bar!  In fact, they are hands down my favorite from this shipment of samples and might just be my all time favorite Weight Watchers ice cream ever, a title formerly held by the Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Bars followed by the English Toffee Crunch Bars, currently in my freezer, as well for a close second.

I mean how could anyone not be into this!  The saltiness of the caramel is balanced so perfectly by the creamy ice cream for one awesome truly decadent tasting treat.  I ate all of these but one before taking the pictures for this post.  I managed to save just one but as you can see from above, it's now history, and at the top of my shopping list for our next trip to the grocery store!

These do have a slightly higher calorie count at 120 versus 100 but the cars are only 16g per bar and by now you know my magic number is 15 so we're so close before taking into account the dietary fiber (2g) and protien (2g).  It's like these Weight Watchers Salted Caramel Candy Bars were destined to be eaten by me!

Are you also planning to incorporate Weight Watchers ice cream into your active lifestyle this spring and summer?  You totally should, as the weather gets better and we're all out there moving and playing these are a great tasting way to have your sweets without worrying they'll be counterproductive to your diet and exercise regimen!  Check out all the Weight Watchers ice cream to find your new favorite treat!


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