Monday, July 14, 2014

Julep Maven: July 2014

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My monthly Julep Maven subscription box has arrived, later than in the past.  It took about a week longer than usual.  I read on some other blogs that they might have changed to a cheaper shipping service, boo to that!  I did get some Jules bonus points in addition to the loyalty points I get each month for taking a box so hopefully the delay is temporary.

This month we got to choose from their Poolside Collection and I went with my default choice Classic with a Twist because none of the box combinations really jumped out at me.  I didn't like both of any of the colors paired up.  This is the second month in a row I haven't been too excited about the combinations, click here see what I got in June, although I did end up really liking Bergen once it was on my nails.

Because I joined before they updated their service I still pay $19.99 a month but I can't customize my choices.  Customization is about $5 more per month, which I was tempted to do this time so I could get two polishes I liked and skip the lotion.  Since I don't know how exactly the customization works and you can't then go back to the previous price I didn't do it but I kind of regret it now.

Since I just mentioned the lotion I'll discuss that first.  Julep describes their Bare Body Milk ($24.00/$19.20 Maven Price) as: An ultra hydrating body lotion for thirsty skin. The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula leaves a soft, silky finish that’s not heavy or greasy, and our signature Beach Tonic fragrance lets you smell like summer all year long.

It is supposed to do the following: Milk thistle locks in moisture and helps protect against environmental factors, Olive oil delivers essential fatty acids to hydrate and repair, Grapefruit oil promotes cell turnover.  Orange peel oil brightens dry, dull skin.

I don't care for it, the smell is subtle but not for me.  I seriously can't get past the smell.  The lotion is very light, which is nice for day time moisturizing during the summer, but and when I tried using it on my legs & feet one night I didn't feel like it worked as well as the Carmex or Palmer's Coco Butter lotions I usually alternate between.  Considering how both are drug store brands and closer to a fourth of the price of Julep's lotion, I won't be switching.

Polish wise I was happier than I expected with Kelsey, a powder peach crème.  Apologies for the dry skin and cuticles in my picture for this week's Mani Monday but I was so eager to try it out I didn't stop to properly prep my hands.  It's very pretty and subtle, even though it's a peach color it feels like it's also fairly neutral, in a dainty feminine way.

The other nail color I received is Vicki, a pink flamingo crème.  In my photo above it looks much darker than it is in the bottle.  The light wasn't cooperating with me the day I took my pictures.  It is lovely and the perfect shade for summer.  It just isn't very unique or different from a lot of other pinks and I usually look for Julep to offer me something different from what's easily available locally at drug stores or places like Ulta.  This just kind of seems like a nice basic to have on hand, nothing too exciting.

This is a better view of both of the polishes that I got this month in my Julep Maven box. Both really are very nice additions to my collection, even though they aren't what I'd pick out at the store.  If you are interested in subscribing, please consider using my referral link.  I'd really appreciate it!


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