Sunday, July 27, 2014

Citrus Lane: July 2014

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July's Citrus Lane came on the 18th and the reason I remember the exact day is because when we opened the box I was standing there with wet nails all ready to meet my friend for her birthday dinner.  My son squealed with happiness the second he spied this John Deere Monster Tread from Tomy.  He grabbed it and ran around the house in circles several times before coming back to me to take it out of the packaging.

Well you know how kid's packaging is!  I told him that Mommy was all ready to go out and Daddy would be home in just a few minutes to unpack it for him.  He was none too understanding about the delay!  I felt kinda bad as I watched him standing nose pressed to the door glass, anxiously holding his toy, and chanting, "Daddy open, Daddy open..."

To try and distract him a little bit, I him have the Mashups from Plum Organics we got.  Even though I think he's getting old for food pouches he continues to love them.  We go through apple sauce pouches so quickly!  He loved this one just as much as he's liked all the Plum Organics samples Citrus Lane has sent us.  I was a little surprised because both of my kids usually act like blueberries are poison!

This month we got to select the theme of the Match Stacks we got from Tree Hopper Toys.  Since my little guy is about any kind of vehicle, it only made sense to get him the transportation set.  These are really cool, like much more sturdier memory cards, they are made in the US out of sustainable hardwoods.  I love that a small company like this was included.  A set retails for $19.99.

***Please note the smudges on the discs and reusable container were "added" by my kiddo's greasy hands and this not the original pristine condition they arrived in.  I made the mistake of letting him play with them before photographing.  At least it shows that he like them!

The fourth item in our box was this Pur Protect SPF 30 by PurLisse.  This is some pretty expensive sunscreen, a full size is $55, so I thought it was very cool to get a sample size.  I'm always on the look out for a good facial moisturizer so I'm enjoying it.  Now I have heard that this brand has been in a lot of subscription boxes this season so some weren't as pleased to see it, but since I don't get that many boxes it's new to me.

At first glance, this box seemed a little light, even though the actual box was bigger than normal to make room for the John Deere toy.  However, the TOMY and Tree Hopper Toy combined add up to $30, which is more than I paid for my box and the two other items are nice extras.  This box was by far the best one as far as my son is concerned!

If you'd like to try Citrus Lane, please consider using my referral link.  I'd appreciate it!


1 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

What a fun box. I wish my kids had liked those food packets. It would have made for such a great on the go snack. No luck though.
Love those match stacks! Those would make for a fantastic gift.

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