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Project Life April 2014

It's a new month and the first Tuesday so that must mean it's time for another installment of Project Life Share!  Since April had both Spring Break and Easter in it, it was a busy month!  Most pages were event based and since those were so photo heavy, I didn't end up having very many weekly spreads.  The ones I did complete were kind of basic so I opted to focus on the highlights.

The weekend leading into Spring Break my daughter went over to Grandma's for a sleepover.  She always loves this special alone time with Grandma and they create many great memories together.  Now that she has a little brother, this time is very precious to her and she looks forward to having Grandma's undivided attention.  As you can see, the big activity this time was dying some eggs.

We didn't go on a big trip but did get away for an overnight trip to The Great Wolf Lodge.  It was our first time at this location and the little kid pool was a big hit with the two year old.  I did a full spread and a 4X4 insert with each side featuring one of the kids.

I cracked out the special page protectors from the Just Add Color Kit that was on HSN awhile ago.  It was perfect for some not so great pictures that I still wanted to include.  The smaller size makes them look less fuzzy, another bonus to using the 2X2 pockets.

At the end of Spring Break we went to our annual Easter event with our good friends and their kids.  This time we tried a completely new activity and went to Dave & Busters.  We all had a really nice time and it was very well priced for everything included.  We got breakfast, could take our own pictures with the Bunny, unlimited non-ticket earning games, a few free ticket earning games, a goodie bag, and a free photo booth picture with the Bunny.

I used some of the 2X2 inserts from the Just Add Color Kit on the left side of the spread and patterned paper to fill in the other slots.  Then I used the same patterned paper to make a coordinating journaling card for the right side of the spread.  I thought they really tied everything together nicely.

That Saturday ended up being jammed packed because we headed up the road to my parents after the Bunny Breakfast was over.  We were literally one exit away from them and since they live over an hour away it made sense to stop over for a quick egg hunt for the kids, lunch, and then drive over to see my Grandpa in the nursing home.

I got to use some of my favorite supplies from Doodlebug Design Inc. on these Easter themed pages and I think it makes everything look so cute and happy!  It was helpful to use bright colorful supplies since it didn't look like spring had arrived outside yet.

After the kids got their goodies and we had lunch, we got to the real reason for meeting up with my parents.  It had been way too long since the kids and I had been over to see my Grandpa, their Great Grandpa.  It was an especially cold and snowy winter and we just hadn't made it over in months!

Now my Grandpa can be the very definition of a grouchy old man but this time he was really alert and for him, talkative...which still means not very but like I said for him, it was like he had a lot to say.  I specifically remember that he was glad I brought my camera.  He is who I got my love of photography from, he has been critiquing my images ever since I snapped my first one.  On that day, he said it was good I was taking a picture of him with the kids so they'd have it to remember him by.

He even managed to look a little bit like he was smiling in a few, which is very rare, and I noticed in one after I uploaded it, that it looked like he was waving.  I wonder if he had a sense that his time was nearing an end.  He took a turn for the worse soon after and then died around two weeks later so that's the last time my kids and I saw him alive.

These ended up being very important pictures.  He was my last Grandparent alive and I was especially close to him and my Grandma as they lived three blocks away from us for most of my childhood.  I usually saw them every few days growing up and they were a big part of my life.  I am glad my last time seeing him was such a nice upbeat visit.

Spring Break had a lot of bigger activities but there were some random photos that I wanted to include so I pulled them together for this quick page.

I'll end this month's share with Easter.  Our festivities began bright and early at home.  My two year old was moving so fast it was very hard to get a decent picture of him, he was so excited to find eggs filled with candy.  I put the obligatory family pictures in an insert along with a few of the kids during the backyard egg hunt at Grandma Norma's.

Since I have many, many pictures of E hunting eggs and the ones of her that morning at home turned out better, I included more of the little guy hunting at Grandma's.  After the insert there are a few more pictures of the family celebration, including my dinner plate, everything was so yummy!

I hope your Project Life pages are coming along and you are continuing to enjoy this method for memory keeping.  I continue to find it great fun!  I'm linking up with The Mom Creative & the Community Show & Tell at Simple Scrapper.


2 Friends Said:

Leslie Germain said...

Another set of great PL pages! Love the Easter pics and colors!

HelenH said...

Such pretty pages. And so much journaling - did you remember all of that or do you keep notes? The photos and comments about your grandfather are really great. It's wonderful he can connect with your children.

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