Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: Beauty Schooled, August 2014

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Ipsy wasn't very exciting this month, it's the first month that's been kind a little bit of a dud.  It was still worth the $10 price for me but just barely. However, most months of Ipsy have been great so this kind of average one just balances things out.  I'm not disappointed, just now wowed like usual.

The bag itself is tubed shaped and has cute polka dots. It's quite roomy and holds a lot more than past bags so I like that and think I'll find more uses for it than the more common pocket type bags ipsy sends.

I have seen this Absolute lip balm in store before, only in the Absolute Love Duo version which comes with both Strawberry and Bubblegum tins.  I received half of the Your the Balm set, subscribers either got Green Apple like I did or Grape.  I've seen some mixed reviews from subscribers who got this, but I happen to really like the apple scent and the very sheer bit of color it gives.  When I saw the other lip products ipsy was sending out this month I was really glad I was getting this one and I had my finger's crossed it would be the apple so I'm really happy I got this.

This Dr. Brandt product is quite nice, but I've already gotten it from Birchbox so I was kind of hoping for something new.  However, it is a higher end product that works well so I'm not complaining about a duplicate.  I still haven't finished the other sample, so these tubes go along way.

I love me some mascara and I love Urban Decay.  I am working through some other mascaras and have three tubes open so I'm waiting to open this but I don't know how long my will power to wait will last.  I'm really curious to give this Perversion sample a go!

So the next two samples are the reason why this month's ipsy is just okay.  First of all these Forever Blush samples from Coastal Scents are packaged in a very inconvenient manner.  It's hard to really get the product up onto your brush.  They are pretty colors but so close together in this sample that they swirl together.  You basically don't get to try Elegant (left) or Fresh (Right) by itself.  I'd rather get one sample in a better container that's easier to work with that this.

My last sample for August is this Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil, which is a fancy way to say black.  And it's teeny tiny.  This is about where I usually throw away my used up pencil because it gets hard for me to comfortably handle and apply.  I don't know why, but the size just kinda made me crabby.  I think ipsy usually does such a nice job of spoiling us and we've come to expect either full or really deluxe sizes that this is just really odd to find in one's bag.  It seems like a mistake!

I still got three products I like and a cute bag that I find more useful than most so I still think I got my $10 worth.  If you'd like to give ipsy a try, please consider using my referral link :)


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