Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birchbox Haul: CEW Limited Editions, CO Bigelow, & Mystery Sample Pack

When Birchbox released two new Limited Edition boxes on Tuesday I knew had the perfect excuse to redeem 300 Birchbox points I'd been hording.  300 points equals $30 and Birchbox points can only be redeemed in $10 increments so it was the perfect amount to cover both of them.  The blue Mass Appeal box was $15 and the pink Prestige Headliners was $18.  I saved $5 for picking up both so they came to $28.

Since I hate to waste any of my points I also got a CO Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream and CO Bigelow Lip Tint both products I've previously purchased at Bath & Body Works or been gifted and liked.  I love the lemon scent!  The lip tint is the shade Magenta, so pretty online and in the bottle!  It's too sheer to really show up much, so I should've gotten either Violet Mint or Plum Mint again but I wanted to try something new.  I still like it and it'll get used up though.  Those were $7.50 each.

Since the lip products got me over the $35 threshold for a  free Mystery Sample Pack I added that to my cart too.  I've had the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil sample before and have just a little left so now I can continue using it a little longer.  It does work but I do not recommend it because it smells very green plant-ish, not a scent I like.

The other free sample I received is a Perlier Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Milk. It's hand lotion and will be tossed in my purse come winter.  This is the best Mystery Pack I've gotten so far, especially since it was a free add on.

Besides the $5 off for getting both boxes I also used a 20% off code to save an additional $8.60.  Birchbox listed my total savings as $23.60, this includes the $10 off they give me for the free Mystery Pack.  After deducting that amount, another $30 was taken off for Birchbox points.  My total before the discounts was over $50 so I also got free shipping.  All told my out of pocket for everything was $4.40 so I think I got some great deals!

I'll be reviewing both limited edition boxes soon and will update this one with links as they post!


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