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Project Life: May 2014

May takes up a ton of space in my album, there is so much going on with end of the school year activities and this time we also had my own daughter's First Communion and also my good friend's daughter's.  We'll start with the how I included that.

{Our Friend's First Communion}

We weren't able to attend the actual ceremony, because it coincided with my Grandpa's funeral.  After that, we raced over town to at least be at the luncheon.  I only took a couple pictures because Margaret had taken her daughter for formal studio portraits and those turned out so beautifully I decided to use the professional ones.

{Week of May 4-9}

This year I've rarely broken out any page protectors besides Design A so it was very fun to use WRMK design with a 6X8 pocket.  On the left side I featured pictures of our the first flowers to bloom in our garden and one of my daughter.  I really enjoyed making a mini layout using some lovely Simple Stories supplies.

The right side has more of a mash up of the week with pictures from playgroup, a lunch with my friend, the sand table being opened for the season, and the only blurry image I got from my daughter's First Communion rehearsal.  The last photo on the bottom left is one of my all time favorite selfies.  The filtered light from sitting almost beneath our desk was very flattering and kind of washed out many little imperfections.

{My Daughter's First Communion - Church}

This year was a two sacrament year, with her First Reconciliation taking place last fall, but the big one is the First Communion. It's been a whole year of preparation with retreat days, rehearsals, dress shopping, and planning a big party. On the first spread I put pictures taken at the church, including one with both her religious education teacher and our parish's priest.

I have inserts for the certificate the church gave her, the program, and a booklet with poems all the kids wrote.  These have been removed before photographing the spread and are not shown.

The second spread I dedicated to pictures from the party at home. I primarily used the Blush core kit for both this and the previous spread.  It worked well with the pink and yellow colors E selected for her party as well as the gray I added to work with the silver from the stickers I selected to embellish with.  The alphas are mini market by October Afternoon.

{Week of May 11-17}

Even though it was Mother's Day, this year it was kind of overshadowed by my daughter's First Communion, the day before. I was tired from hosting and cleaning up from the party so this Mother's Day was a low key day.  Normally, this would probably have taken up a whole page, but this time I just included two pictures of me with my sweet kiddos.  The rest is a smattering of pictures, mostly from my cell phone.

The right side has pictures, many from this week, but some from from shortly before and after, that I combined to show the things that the little guy and I typically do during the day this spring.

{Brownie Activity - May 20th}

I had to blur out a lot of this spread to keep the faces of the other Brownies in our troop private, but I think this spread turned out too cute not to share!  I used a cute apart sheet call Rainbow Bliss from Pebbles Inc.'s line Party with Amy Locurto.  I don't thing it's easy to find anymore, but you can get a glimpse of paper on this pin.  Love the bright colors and cheerful motifs!  The title card and speech bubble journaling card are from various Core Kits.

{School Field Trip - May 22}

My daughter's been waiting for this field trip since she first heard about it from a neighbor in kindergarten.  Unfortunately, she broke out in a red rash the day before so for a little bit I thought she might not be able to go.  So glad the doctor's office approved it since I was chaperoning, as long as she wore long sleeves and pants to cover up her skin.

She had a great time at the farm that teaches the kids about life on a pioneer farm.  It was a highlight of second grade to be choose to help demonstrate how carry the water buckets as the docent talked about the chores the kids would be doing.

After seeing the log cabin, the kids then went over to talk with the "farmer" and for more hands on fun.  The kids got to grind up corn cobs and use a two sided saw to cut wood.  It's a lot harder than it looks!  The cards on this spread are by WRMK's Albums Made Easy, except for the mustard yellow with the butterfly die cut on it.  That one and the letter stickers on the title card are by Simple Stories.

After lunch we visited a one room school, which my daughter was really looking forward too but unfortunately it was a lot of listening and not as much hands on as during the morning.  She still had a good time, but I think the afternoon kind of dragged for the adults!  Right at the bottom I added a picture of my MIL because she came out to watch the two year old so I could go with E so I thought the MVP card was appropriate.  The cards are all from Simple Stories.

{In the Garden - Memorial Day}

Since May had so many events that took up whole spreads my spacing for weekly spreads was off.  I like to try and stay as chronological as possible but sometimes I have spaces where I need to fill in.  That's what happened here on this In the Garden page.  I had pictures taken of the various plantings and pots we did and since they were all taken in the same time frame, I popped them all in here. The journaling cards are all the reverse sides of the ones used for the Meeting the Baby page.  The soft colors also went really well with these photos and I used some older Jolee's Boutique stickers to embellish.

The Memorial Day side of the spread uses cards from the Nautical themed cards and a super old Tiny Tales quote card from MME, the copyright is 2003!  It's been in sitting in my stash for way too long!

I actually have 2 and half more spreads in May!  I wasn't kidding that May took up a lot of space!  However, the remaining spreads are school related with a lot of my daughter's second grade classmates so I decided to keep them private.  As always, click on the photos to enlarge & let me know if you have any questions.  I'm joining in the monthly Project Life Share at Jessica's The Mom Creative.


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Leslie Germain said...

Great PL pages!!! Love the Communion pictures. Great way to display an important day.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

You are the best mom ever! Your kids are going to have these amazing handmade books of their lives...and mine will be given a box of CD's...lol

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