Friday, February 20, 2015

Birchbox February 2015: Rent the Runway

*Purchased by me
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For February, I selected the Rent the Runway Guest Editor box as my Birchbox, so the contents weren't a surprise but I was interested in trying everything inside so I didn't mind.  The box came really early in the month, didn't even get the shipping notice until after it had already arrived!  It might be that the curated boxes are all assembled and ready to ship out early.

This year each month the Birchbox design is supposed to be unique and the regular box is super fun with speech bubbles printed on it, so I was a little bummed to not get it because I keep a lot of mine for storage.  But the Rent the Runway box was very classic and elegant, a pale pink with a rose print around the lid.  Unfortunately, mine got a little beat up on the way to me & my Not Soap, Radio sample leaked :(

Box destruction aside, let's get onto the samples and start with theBalm® cosmetics Read My Lips™ Lip Gloss in BAM! Rose Pink, full size $15. This sample and the next one, were the main two reasons I wanted the curated box.  This is lighter and for me, more neutral shade that I usually go for.  I really like it, it's a good everyday color.

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo, FULL SIZE, $10:  Let me begin by saying that in this case the full size is really a travel size but the size sent in my Birchbox is sold on their site so that is how much you'd pay for a travel size.  Wow that's expensive, so I'm glad I got it in my box!  I like having dry shampoo on hand for the occasional use, and so far with all the samples I've gotten I haven't had to buy any.  With this one, I should be set for awhile.  I'm not the most discriminating dry shampoo user but I liked how this smelled and worked.  But then again, I've liked all the dry shampoo samples I've gotten so far.

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Raina, full size $11: This sample is a repeat for me, I also got it last July.  Normally, you won't get the same sample twice, the exception being if you opt for a curated box since those have preset samples.  I love the first one I got, the darker navy blue is a shade I'm more comfortable wearing, versus a brighter blue, so I was happy to get another.

derma e® Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub, full size $12.75 and Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in The Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows in, full size $16.

I've been using the scrub the past two weeks, I like it but I can't say if I have more of a glow about me.  It has helped keep my skin soft and I feel like my trouble areas look a little better so I'll attribute it to this.  I like that it's an all natural product.

Birchbox describes this scrub as: Glycolic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid naturally found in sugar cane, sloughs off dead skin cells which helps prevent clogged pores and lessens the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Apricot seed powder and papaya work together to deep clean pores, revealing a more radiant complexion.

The body wash  is a blackberry and vanilla cream scent with ginseng, which is said to kick up pheromones.  I don't know about that, it smelled like berries though.  We've all got colds around here, so when I asked my husband if he noticed anything different, all he said was yeah, that you showered.  Guess he couldn't smell my extra hotness!

What goodies did you Birchbox hold this month?  If you're not a subscriber, please consider using my referral link.  In looking back over the past year or so of getting subscription boxes, overall I have found better products, that are more effective, and have purchased more of the ones I've tried via Birchbox.  It's really helped try out new products that have helped update my beauty and skin care routine.


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