Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday: YouTube Beauty Gurus

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I wanted to start a new semi-regular series on my blog, that I've been wanting to add for awhile.  It's the perfect way to start of the best part of the week, the weekend, with some of my current favorites!  After all, it's always nice to hit a positive note and share what you've been loving and enjoying ♥

Last spring, so almost a year ago, I became really obsessed with started watching YouTube videos a lot while scrapbooking.  I've always liked a little something on in the background while I create.  I used to watch music videos or older BBC history programs, because I'm kinda a history nerd ☺.  But then one day, I innocently looked for a video review of the then new OPI Brazil Collection, well that was it.  I was down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and now I watch at least one video a day!

I watch a lot of scrapbook process videos, hauls - which is basically when someone shows you all the stuff they recently bought, and my three year old son is really into watching John Deere YouTube videos.  I watched YouTube from time to time but it wasn't until I discovered the Beauty Gurus that it became a daily activity.  FYI: Beauty Gurus are YouTubers who primarily post reviews, hauls, and tutorials relating to beauty topics.

I think I just hit things at the right time, as I had just had my 37th birthday and kinda freaked out about skin changes and needing to incorporate anti-aging products into my regimen.  I had never been more interested in make up, since high school.

To kick off my Five on Friday series, I wanted to share five of my favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus to watch.  I find them to be interesting, dynamic presenters, knowledgeable, and personable.  They are entertaining and introduce me to new products, many of which are too adventurous for me to ever actually use, and have helped improve and update my daily minimalist look.  I enjoy hearing their thoughts and I hope you will too!

Andréa was one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to.  I just really like her personality, she is so sweet and has really beautiful looks, I always really admire her eye make up.  She shows much more advanced looks than I've ever worn but I like learning how to apply a more full coverage look.  Whenever I go to make up counters the stylists always steer me toward a very natural look, probably because I show up clueless and bare faced!  But sometimes you really want to know how to do more and that's why I enjoy learning tips and tricks from her.  Plus she is good about showing how to use drug store brands and not just high end products.

Amy Lynn is how I got sucked into, it was her OPI videos I first found.  She is funny, laid back, and is one of the few YouTubers that I've watched ever single video of!  I know, a little crazy.  She just seems like a really fun person to sit down and have coffee with, or as she'd probably perfer - a cheeseburger Sunday.  That's one of her weekly things.

Dani is where I go see lots of products, colors, and bold looks that are totally out of my comfort zone.  It's a bit of escapism for me.  She is so energetic and happy, often when a YouTuber has a catch phrase that they say a lot, it kinda bothers me but not with her.  With Dani I think it's cute and fun.  I've learned about a lot of totally new to me brands from her.

Ashley is my go to gal for more natural products, she has more classic aesthetic that is probably closer in line with what I lean toward.  She features some mid to high end products that I enjoy hearing about so I can consider them for myself.  I find her very calming and poised.  Plus her video editing skills are top notch, which add to the over all viewing enjoyment.

Michelle is another of the very first channels I subscribed to.  She posts pretty frequently and I like the wide range of products she reviews, she often will do all or almost all of an entire new line.  I have probably made the most purchases based on her videos, than any other Beauty Guru, not including polishes because I consider the Polish Girls in their own category!

That's my first Five for Friday!

I actually follow 80 or so Beauty Gurus, and I have lots more that are really good!  These are just the five, that I pretty much watch ever single video from.  Do you watch YouTube?  Have any recommendations for channels I should check out?  Leave them below!


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