Thursday, May 14, 2015

6X8 Ring Bound Mini Album: Featuring Martha Stewart Crafts

This is the first of the four mini albums I just finished making.  It's also the only double sided paper pad I used, and it really help speed up the process, making assembly faster since I didn't have to adhere single sided papers back to back anytime I needed something double sided, like tags.

The paper pad I used is called 12X12in school days multimedia pad by Martha Stewart Crafts and is several years old.  What I like about it, that not only does it come with double sided papers but it also has four sheets of stickers, labels, borders, and photo mats.  These helped add some quick but still special touches, like the frame I used for the cover.

I've been doing so much Project Life lately, that it took me awhile to get back into the mind set of album making!  This one is a little plainer that the others in some aspects but also has special touches like doilies and some bling that the others do not.

The book opens with a neutral brown mini dot and a handmade pocket.  I just folded a sheet in half, made a notch with my 2-inch circle punch and slipped in a tag I cut out.

The first page is a double sided sheet with the large graphic print and a plain cherry red on the reverse.  For the plainer side, I added a pocket embellished with a doily, gem stone "laugh" sticker, washi tape, etc.  The four tags inside were made out of scraps I had leftover after constructing the album.  They are all double sided, so quick and easy to make!

I like lots of pockets, I guess!  Here's another, this time in the form of a pocket page.  I used two sheets of 6X8 paper to form it.  Then I adhered them back to back but only used tape on the top and bottom, pretty much just underneath where the red washi tape is placed.

The card on the left was included in the paper pad.  It is attached to the page just along the top so a photo can be slipped underneath.  Another punch out frame is on the right side, layered with foam tape for dimension and some more bling too.

I used plain green cardstock to build this half of this spread.  I though the patterned paper on the other side was a bit busy and that something plainer would look better paired with it.  The embossed butterfly chipboard piece is attached only on the bottom so a photo can be slipped under the top part of the wings.

On the last page, I cut a doily in half to make an extra layer underneath the green photo mat.  I created a diagonal pocket for the back inside pocket and slipped in more tags.  I clipped on a few fun things too.


1 Friends Said:

Leslie Germain said...

Love the pinwheel and the colors in those papers! Another amazing album. I love how you coordinate everything throughout the book!!!

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