Wednesday, May 13, 2015

6X8 Ring Bound Mini Albums: Making End of the Year Gifts

All other crafting has been on hold the past two weeks while I made four, yes FOUR, mini albums.  Whew, that was a lot for me to commit to getting done!  As in, they had to be completely finished and not 95% done and then sit around as almost but not quite finished projects for way longer than they should.

I'm so glad I made it by the time they were due for the gift baskets, especially since during the same time period I had to plan and prep supplies for making EIGHT other mini albums, this time for my Brownie troop.  Add Mother's Day preparation and crafts on top of that...and well, I was busy!

These four are going to be wrapped up and given tomorrow as thank you gifts for each of the four care givers that watch the babies, toddlers, and preschoolers while my MOPS group meets.  I hope they love them and feel my appreciation for their time.  My little guy was in preschool during our twice monthly meetings but I'm well aware that without them for all the other Moppets, we couldn't have had MOPS.

I'll be sharing pictures of each album soon!  Please come back and check them out :)
Album Posts from Left to Right: Hip & Girly, Pretty & Feminine, Bright & Colorful, and For the Boys.

Have you been making for end of the year gifts for the important helpers in yours or your child's life?  I'd love to know what are your go to gifts this time of the year.  When I can't get it together to hand make something, which let's be honest is most of the time, a lovely plant that is already potted or can be hung up to enjoy are my defaults.  Everyone loves flowers!


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