Saturday, May 21, 2016

Project Life: Spring Break 2015

I'm hopelessly behind in sharing my Project Life pages, an entire year in fact!  Happily, I am not that far behind in actually getting the pages done and in my album.  I'm actually relatively "caught up".  I've decided to share a few of my favorite pages in between where I left off blogging them and where I currently am to date in 2015,

Back in April my family went to Chicago for an overnight visit.  We still managed to pack quite a lot into our time.  Like always, my husband gets us up and out the door so early that we arrived before the Museum of Science and Industry even opened.  This is quite a feat when you consider we still travel with my son's co-sleeper, eat breakfast on the road, and since we have kids - inevitably end up making more bathroom stops than he deems acceptable.

To make this mini trip within my album, I simply placed the museum map inside of a standard office supply sleeve.  Did you know these are usually also acid free and safe for memory keeping + so much more inexpensive than page protectors made by scrapbook companies?  Check the label just in case.

Then I added a bit of an info brochure we picked up at our hotel, that gives a little background about the MSI.  A few embellishments and now I have a easy peasy intro page to this section.  I like how the first page on the trip is peaking out underneath.

My son loves big trucks, vehicles, and especially tractors.  John Deere is well known in our house!  He was super excited, as in almost couldn't contain his happiness, at seeing this one set up for easy access to climb up and into.  There's also a combine that's pretty neat because you can see how the inner parts work.  He liked the Farm Tech exhibit so much we had to visit it twice.

You can see a bit more of the combine on the above left.  On the backside of the 6X8 slot I took advantage of the b side of the farm themed paper and just made a pocket to add our tickets in.  It takes up more room on the spread than I'd like but I didn't have any other focal point pictures I wanted to add there.

I used a post card from the gift shop in the right side.  It provides a nice overview of all the exhibits and I love to incorporate things like this to help document a trip with professional level photography, empty exhibits, and better images than I can get myself.

The next spread is about the Idea Factory, try to go early as they control the number of people allowed in and out.  My kids had a blast.  More of the brochure I cut apart for the map insert is on a filler card.

The right side is about the U-505 Submarine, Henry Crown Space Center, and You! The Experience.  I tried to really focus on just the highlights .


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