Friday, May 6, 2011

Bibeez Baby Diaper Clutch

You all know I love me some handmade goodness and baby accessories is top on my list right now.  One thing I've been looking for is a great new diaper & wipes bag, something cute and fun but not girly.  When I got this diaper clutch from Bibeez Baby the hunt was over.  The best part is that it combines functionality with one of my favorites, patchwork!  I just love the combination of colors and fabrics on this diaper clutch.  It's so cheery.  Francis has even thrown in a little zig zag stitch here and there for some contrast and further interest.

I love diaper & wipes holders, once baby is not a newborn anymore it's great to not have to lug the entire diaper bag to the rest room when out and about.  You just grab your little bag and changing pad and head off.  I found my old one especially handy at restaurants, but that one was store bought and flimsy feeling with it's thin material.  Plus it didn't have a strap for hands free carrying.  I like this one from Bibeez Baby so much better and know it'll be constant use with all the changes in my future. 

While baby is really little and I need the big bag at all times, I'm still going to be using it.  It will be a great place to stash my personal items like phone, wallet, lip gloss, and kleenex inside my big diaper bag at the beginning.  Then maybe I'd actually be able to find them without a fifteen minute dig!  Plus it's a totally cute preppy little clutch for momma to carry any time, with or without baby.
I was fortunate enough to win this diaper clutch from Bibeez Baby through a giveaway on Lollipops.  But when I saw the price for similar snap versions I couldn't believe it.  Seriously, only $12?  It's well worth it; a great price for such a well made and constructed accessory.  There's a cute one with fabric yo-yos and a zippered version for a little more, if you'd like.  I prefer the snap for quicker open and closure but that's just me.  There's also one more version with a velcro closure

She's also got great bibs; I really like the bandana style ones.  ER had a bad drooling phase and had to wear a bib 24/7 during it.  The bandanas are cool because they don't scream bib and will help catch excess drool.  Seriously cute - oh my goodness are they CUTEbags and a selection of zippered bags in a variety of sizes round out the collection at Bibeez Baby.  I'm really impressed with the workmanship of the diaper clutch I won.  I hope you'll visit Francis and check out all she has to offer.

Bibeez Baby can be found online at their website, store, Facebook, and Twitter.


Disclaimer: I won the diaper clutch discussed and pictured above, opinions and experiences expressed in this post were not affected by that and this post was not a requirement to win.  I'm sharing because when you've got a reason to rave you should, it's just the nice thing to do:)

7 Friends Said:

Amanda said...

This is lovely! Was about to make one last night but flaked out, definitely going to knock one together this weekend! Well done on your win!

MaryAnne said...

What an adorable diaper clutch - perfect for your baby boy!

Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

What a great idea. And so cute!

Looks like I'm your 1,000 follower. Woohoo to you! That's a lot. Following you from the Crafty Soiree. Hope you can take a moment and pop on over to my blog also. :) Have a great day.

Sandy ~ Cherished Handmade Treasures

Jenny said...

Very cute!

Congrats on the 1,000 followers too!

Vickie said...

That is adorable! But I wouldn't use it a a diaper clutch at all, even if I had a diaper wearing kid. It would be my vacation purse!

RoS said...

This looks adorable. Wish I had seen it in time for the twins' baby shower. Oh well - I'm sure there will be others.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely need a diaper clutch and am going to try to make my own. The ones listed here are beautiful!

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