Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going on Five

I can't believe that in one month from today my baby girl will be turning FIVE and is heading off to kindergarten in the fall.  When I took our annual photos by the lilac bushes a couple of weeks ago, it really struck me how fast time has gone by.  She looks so grown up and mature, no more sweet baby pudginess to her face.  She'll even be leaving the "T" sizes behind soon and we'll have to transition over to the big girl section.  I am sure every parent out there wishes like I do, that we could slow down the clock, if only for a moment or two.


8 Friends Said:

RoS said...

Yes - the time is going by way TOO FAST! :( It's good to enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Mary Ann said...

What a sweet smile! It is hard to understand how time can go by SO FAST. It is so apparent when we look at the children around us. My first nephew is now almost as tall as me. I just wish I could squish him back :-)

silly eagle books said...

She's beautiful! What a great shot. :)

Jenny said...

She is so pretty! Yes, time goes by too fast. I miss the T sizes. Abby is in a 7 now and some of those clothes are scary!

MaryAnne said...

I LOVE this picture of ER! What a beautiful little girl!

They grow up so fast!

Tara said...

Such a sweet face and yes, I wish we could slow that clock WAY down!

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

What a beautiful picture. 5 soon, wow! I really want to slow the clock especially since my babies get big too fast. My baby girl is only 2 mo. old but the size of 4 mo. old, topping charts.

Susana said...

Oh, yes, what about slowing down the last two years?? My 'baby' will be 2 in September and I cannot believe it! And, next year, Hanna will be...13!!

ER is beautiful, Katie! She is growing up for sure. Five seems like such a milestone age to me.

I can't wait to see your new blessing, and I know just how excited you must be to know you'll be holding your sweet baby soon! So happy for you, Katie!!!!

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