Friday, December 16, 2011

Clipboards Part 2

When I made ER's clipboard, I also made two more for my friend Margaret's girls, we saw them last weekend for our holiday get together.  They were a big hit with both girls writing and drawing on them right away.  Margaret said they'll be perfect to help keep them occupied on their upcoming flight.  I thought they turned out pretty cute.  Just ignore the weird reflection on them, from the light bouncing off the metal clip.
Here's the back of one, so it'll be super cute anyway you look at it :)   I don't know how many more handmade gifts I'll be doing this year.  Sad that it's less than usual but I've decided to give myself a break and enjoy LB's first Christmas and not stress out too much about it.  It's been kinda freeing!  
I'm pretty sure the paper is from K&Co, the yellow paper frills are from Doodlebug Design Inc., but the flowered paper on the back..I'm not sure other than I know it was in a stack.


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