Friday, December 9, 2011

Hartstrings Review

Last weekend ER and I went on a shopping spree at our local Hartstings courtesy of their campaign with MomSelect.  We had a blast checking out their selection of outfits, especially their holiday line.  At the very front of the store, there was an attractive display of seasonal sweaters, and the one with presents caught her eye right away.  I thought, we're not five feet in the store an already she's found several things she wants.  This is a good sign!
Here is a little clip, showing the store to give you an idea of what how clothing is displayed.  The store was clean, bright, and the clothing well organized.  Half the store is devoted to boys and the other to girls.  Smaller sizes are at the front and they get larger as you move back through it.  It was easy to see each line and all the pieces in it, making it easier to put together outfits.  I had planned to pick out clothing for both my five year old and four month old but ER went a little crazy and I decided to splurge on her.  Besides LB is little enough, his feelings won't be hurt!

The Hartstings staff was friendly and helpful, without being intrusive.  We were greeted promptly and offered help and a changing room once the clothing I was carrying began to pile up.  I asked about sizes, wondering if things ran small because they looked like they might to me.  The assistant said most customers found they were running true to size, and while I was doubtful, we did find out that was exactly right upon trying on some things.
I was drawn to a purple in the Fair Isle line, but unfortunately there wasn't much available in ER's size.  It didn't really matter because she's got a mind of her own and once she saw Pink Couture, it was all over.  She saw the Medallion Print Long Sleeve Knit Dress and her eyes lit up.  I knew we'd be leaving with one of those! 
After some negotiation, we grabbed a Black Velvet Tiered Skort to try on with our sweater from the Winter Delights line.  She liked both because of the bling on them and they made the cut.  Thinking we were done, we headed to the register, but she spied the Long Sleeve Pink Knit Tunic Top along the way and HAD to have it.  She decided to swap it with the gift covered sweater you see in the top photo.  So in the end, even though our plan was to find some cute holiday clothes, the only holiday themed thing we left with was the Candy Cane Long Sleeve Knit Top.  The appliqued candy cane on it is thick and detailed, really a quality decoration that will hold up through multiple kids!
We got a knit dress, velvet skort, tunic top, and holiday shirt or two full outfits and a top for a fantastic price.  Each of our items was 40% off and on top of that the entire store was an additional 20% off!  Hartstings is usually found at boutiques and high end departments stores and it was awesome being able to get my little fashionista some fabulous outfits for about 50% off retail!   Unfortunately the store is about an hour away from our home, so it's a bit far to visit regularly.  However, the savings were significant enough to make it worth a visit once a season.  I was especially excited to see that current styles were in the store and available at a big discount.
I thought it would be interesting to hear from my little shopping assistant exactly why she picked out the items she chose and why she likes them.  Enjoy these videos of ER!
Here she is at the Hartstings store, in the changing room.  The florescent lights make the color look a little funky.  In the video below she's by our tree in the great room of our house
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Disclaimer: This post is part of a blog campaign with MomSelect on behalf of Hartstrings.  The experiences and opinions related are personal and unbiased.  A gift card was provided to purchase the outfits, no other compensation was received.

4 Friends Said:

RoS said...

Well, I'm sure she still likes blue, but I'm glad to see she's expanded her taste over to pink! Very, very nice outfits!

Jenny said...

Those are cute outfits! Abby would love to go on a little shopping spree! So fun!

Jaedyn said...

We LOVE Hartstrings - their clothing is gorgeous and so nicely made! ER looks so cute in those outfits!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh- your little girl is getting so big! Haven't been over her in awhile- what a cutie pie!

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