Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Squinkies Zinkies

When Squinkies Shrinkie, They Become Zinkies!
The Newest Addition to the Squinkies World
is the Teeny Tiniest in the Squishy Squashy Line
When our box of Squinkie Zinkies arrived on the doorstop there was big excitement!  ER had already seen the commercials on television and had asking for some for a week.  She couldn't believe it when I said some were going to be showing up soon.  She was hopping up and down; she could barely contain herself and wait for me to open it.  We got three sets and they were ripped open immediately, or I'd show you a picture of them in their boxes. 

I have to admit that even I was drawn to their cuteness factor, they are just so itty bitty and adorable!  If your kids are collectors they.will.flip.  The designs are just so sweet, one of my favorites is the sleeping pig.  I cannot impress upon you just how little they are, each smaller than the tip of your pinkie!  They are packaged with a magnifier glass over one in the box, so at first you don't realize.  Then you open them, and oh my! 
We received the Peek a Boo! Mushrooms, Tweeting Birdhouse, and Hide n Seek! Blocks sets.  Each comes with 12 exclusive Zinkies with their own little toy bubble.  Four  in colored, so they'll be a surprise when you open them.  Also included is a magnifying glass and squeezer to make it easier to pick them up and place them inside the tiny openings in the playset. 

ER has played with them every single day since they arrived and the neighbor kids who've been over to play instantly fell in love with them too.  I like how everything you need to get your collection started and get playing comes in a well priced gift, for around $12.  I'm already thinking how nicely one would fit in an Easter basket.
Here are the other three of the six unique launch sets.  My daughter wants them all, of course!  I like how "Tiny Tea Party Teacups" and "Small Aboard Train" each look like they will enhance your collection because the parts move.  I am sure we'll be adding to our collection and soon have all six sets.  It's nice how the three sets we cuirrently have all fit in one small covered plastic bin.  I'm pretty sure all six will fit nicely inside a container the size of a shoebox.  This will make it easy to keep things together, tidy, and out of the ready of our increasingly mobile six month old. 

Squinkies Zinkies are intended for children aged 4 and up and will be arriving throughout the month at retailers nationwide including Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys "R" Us.  Fan of Squinkies can stay up to date on all the latest Squinkie news by visiting the Squinkies blog and following their Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Disclosure: Complimentary review products were provided, but the experiences and opinions expressed within are personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was received.

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Anonymous said...

This is a present Zoe is asking for for her 5th birthday. She adores Squinkies!

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