Friday, March 23, 2012

New Weight Watchers Ice Cream

I think I've already shared that since having LB seven months ago, I've lost about 45lbs!  Okay, okay, so most of it was the actual baby and other pregnancy related weight.  But I know at least 15lbs was excess weight, because I'm now 15lbs below my prepregnancy weight.  So yay me!  I've got 10-15 more to go to make my endcrinologist happy.  At least that's what she says, I have a feeling that even if I lose that much more she'll then say, "How about five more?"  It seems that loosing excess weight is the cure all for most doctors!
Anyway, the reason I'm going on about this is that even with my healthier living plan, there was no way I could pass up trying free ice cream.  Good thing it's from Weight Watchers and yes it's delish!  No really, it is really good!  The Weight Watchers Snack Size Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches are my absolute favorite.  The honey graham crackers are perfect with the cherry swirled in ice cream.   They are smaller than most ice cream bars, but take several bites to eat so you get your ice cream fix without blowing your daily calorie count.  I like how the portion control is built in for me. 
We also got two flavors of ice cream cones.  The Weight Watchers Double Caramel Swirl were the first box I broke into when the goodies arrived.  I mean look at them, how could any resist?
Caramel and chocolate are a classic combination and go perfect with ice cream. The crunchy chocolate curls are the perfect topping for the cones.  These are decadent tasting but only 2 points! 
While the packaging isn't necessarily part of a review, I do have to give Weight Watchers a shout out for how the ice cream cones are wrapped.  For me, eating is very visual, and as you can see this Weight Watchers Snack Size Vanilla Fudge Swirl Ice Cream Cone looks as beautiful as on the box.
See how nice and intact the chocolate curls are?  A pretty looking treat just adds to the enjoyment, don't you think?  The tasty chocolate fudge swirl and rich low fat ice cream is soooo good and the cones have a very satisfying crunch.
Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Dessert Bar are really rich tasting and out of all the ice cream sent me, I thought these would pass anyone's "Is it diet food?" challenge.  They taste like smoothy creamy soft serve ice cream.  They remind me of the cones can get at a place in our downtown, that are also dipped in chocolate.  We've been having an unseasonably hot month, and eating one of these really hit the spot! It takes care of chocolate cravings and keeps my hands out of the leftover Valentine candy! 
Weight Watchers ice cream fits perfectly into my new lifestyle because besides almost daily walks I've also cut way back on mindless snacking.  I think that was really my downfall, just eating out of boredom.  Now I pick smarter snacks and am really conscious of enjoying my treats!  I can indulge in a snack sized ice cream bar and enjoy a really sinful tasting treat, that's still a smart choice.  I love it! 


Disclosure: Complimentary samples & free product coupons were provided.  No other compensation was received.  The experiences and opinions related are personal and unbiased.

2 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

Ok, I'm on WW and didn't know about these. I must go buy them now!

Teena said...

They look YUMMY! I'm trying to become much more mindful of my snacking as well. Ice cream is my downfall as soon as hot weather comes around.

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