Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Life: Week 17

I used to take a lot of vertical portraits; a majority of my pictures were that orientation.  Since starting Project Life, I've found that now, most seem to be horizontal.  All the better to fit in the page protector style I have the most of.  But I was still surprised when I went to fill the backside of Design D for the first half of the week, by the shortage of vertical photos.  I ended up using the little spaces for photos and making collages to fill in the rest. 

It ended up being the first week that I didn't use any of the kit components to make my pages, which felt very weird but oddly liberating.  Instead, I threw some Live Free: Love Life freebies from Miss Tina into the mix for my Weekly Title Card and Week in Review Journaling Card. 
That odd looking close up of a mouth is our nine month old, the little baby teeth we've felt for awhile just below the gums finally pushed up.  They are so small you can't see them in photos, believe me I tried, but a milestone like that had to be in PL don't you think?  I ended up laying him on his back and trying to pry back his lip while he squirmed.  Ah, the things we'll do for a photo!

The biggest news was that Brad and I became an Uncle and Aunt; the kids now have a cousin!  Very exciting!  They're out of state so we haven't met her yet :( and the only picture I had was from a grainy text message.  So I used Erica Zane's First Time Ever to make a sweet little annoucement.  The white frame is from another kit but I'll be darned, I can't recall which one!

We had Daisies on Tuesday and the girls played Musical Chairs and Simon Says to practice being honest and fair.  Those girls played so nicely we didn't really have much to discuss, no one made a fuss or fought over the last seat.  You Make Me So Happy by Wild Dandelion Designs by Meghan Mullens was used for the collage.
Since I've been branching out and trying new things with PL, it seemed time to finally crack out Design E.  With such a busy second half of the week, it was the perfect time to do so.  6"X6" digi layouts helped me get a lot of pictures into my spread.  I'll give you a closer look at each one below.
My daughter's kindergarten class went bowling for a science field trip.  It was also her first time going bowling ever, exciting stuff!  My parents were able to come over and watch the baby so I could go and help coordinate the volunteers for the teacher. 

I decided to be really wild and crazy ☺ and do a 6"X12" for the day so I could photos from the trip and back home with my parents.  I used a Double Up No. 1 template from Karen Funk Designs and have to say, it looks awesome!  I used the same kit as the Daisy collage from the other side in an attempt to give the two halves of the week a more cohesive look. 
I do product reviews on my blog from time to time; we especially like seeing all the new kid's products.  I got some especially good pictures of E playing with Nickelodeon's Gak & Floam that deserved a layout all to themselves.  My Best Friend from Amy Stoffel was used for this one along with a page template I got through my Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper.
For the last day of the week I used a free Scrapbook Etc. photo collage, slightly altered, to save some time scrapping the visit we made to see my Great Aunts.  It was B's first time meeting them and I think they really enjoyed the company, even if they were a bit confused as to who I was.  I think everyone just likes seeing a baby and it made them happy that they had visitors.  Kit used is Cloud Watching by Ellie Lash.

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5 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

These are great. Congrats on the new baby in the family. She is so tiny. I bet she's adorable!

Jules said...

Fabulous! I love how you rocked the Design E with those 6x6 layouts!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

So awesome! Will you be my mom and get crafty and creative with my pictures? PLEASE!! ;)

School Sparks Renee said...

Great shots of the grandparents with the kids. What a special page. Renee

malia said...

wow I LOVE you album LOVE IT... you may have just re-sparked my passion for scrapbooking!

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