Monday, September 17, 2012

Giveaway! Betty Crocker Shake-N-Pour Dessert Mixes

Our family loves the taste of freshly baked treats and relies on mixes all the time to give us straight from the oven taste without all the work.  I love our Betty Crocker favorites and was intrigued by the concept of their new Shake-N-Bake dessert mixes, especially because one of the varieties is Confetti, and who doesn't love that? 

Betty Crocker Shake-N-Pour Dessert Mixes are designed so that you can prepare something sweet with the absolute minimal of fuss.  You simply add water to the container, shake, and then pour.  A little while later you have fresh cupcakes.
The verdict:

We tried out the Confetti cupcake mix and have a couple tips on how to make it a successful experience.  First of all, when the directions say "Shake hard," they mean HARD.  Even with the stop and tap to loosen ingredients, and shake again method recommended on the container we had some unmixed dry ingredients the first time we tried to pour out our cupcakes.  Lesson learned...shake, shake, shake, shake, tap, shake, shake, shake, and then carefully open and look inside, kind of rolling around the base of the container to check for dry pockets.

We didn't check and had emptied out half the ingredients before realizing we had some dry areas and had to add more water.  I was worried this would upset the ratio wet to dry and affect the end result.  Happily it did not, and our cupcakes both looked and tasted as expected.
Varieties include delicious Chocolate Brownie, Confetti Cupcake, and Chocolate Cupcake.  They are now available in the baking aisle at your local grocers.  I think it's important for me to point out that the price point is a bit higher than traditional boxed mixes and Betty Crocker Shake-N-Pours only make 12 cupcakes.  This is okay with me, as a family of four really doesn't need 24 cupcakes at one time but bothered my husband.  He also felt there was a lot of waste, since you cannot scrape out the container, like you can with a mixing bowl.  I suggest looking for these to be on sale and stock up then. 

The mixes are great for older kids who want to be bake either independently or with minimal supervision, depending on their age.  They'd also be ideal for when you have a babysitter, as a fun activity that requires very little work for the adult.  My daughter found the shake it up concept to be very cool and wants to make them during a play date, also a very handy time to use them since I don't have to drag out a lot of stuff.
Let's do a giveaway, so you can try Betty Crocker Shake-N-Pour Dessert Mixes for yourself!  One lucky reader win win a prize pack containing the following, as shown above:

All three varieties of the Betty Crocker Shake-N-Pour Dessert Mixes
60 minute baking timer
Treat stand
Oven mitt
Please use the Rafflecopter widget to enter.  Subscribers may need to click over to see the entry form.  Good luck!
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Disclosure: The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

14 Friends Said:

lanybleu said...

what a great prize, would love to try these out.

bellz said...

I love the confetti cupcakes they are SO good, I would make those first and hubby would attack the brownies

Jessie said...

This would make my life so much easier! It would eliminate a lot of time!


MaryAnne said...

these look like a fantastic way for the kids to help make cupcakes with minimal mess!

Maryann D. said...

This would be quick and easy for me to make so it would fit into my busy day.
twinkle at optonline dot net

debijackson said...

they would fit in my schedule by maybe getting a desert made on a school night debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

less prep and clean up time

Jessica said...

My family might actually get to enjoy a home made treat every once in a while because I would have time to make it! Also, I see this as a great way to get kids involved in baking. They can shake, shake, shake, to their hearts delight!

Heather! said...

These would be so quick to make before Family Game Night, or even as a fun dessert on a weeknight. Wouldn't my family be surprised?!


h4schaffer at gmail dot com

valerie2350 said...

these would make busy days extra fun

Austin Baroudi said...

It would make baking much easier and faster without the mess so I would most likely make desserts for my family more ofter!

1porkchop said...

It looks much easier than the boxed variety, so maybe this will simplify it enough where i can do it without ruining it.

Karin said...

when I am in a hurry--it'll be helpful. Looks like a fun product to use.

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Nowadays I only have time to bake on the weekends, and it can be a little rough with time. Betty Crocker Shake-n-pour could make a weekday treat possible! :)

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