Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 April 22-26

It's been awhile since I've been able to get it together and share a Project Life update.  I'm having trouble keeping up with the weekly posting.  It's just taken me forever to actually finish several weeks of spreads, but I've managed to get a couple done.  I'll have two more posts this week with more weeks, sort of a Project Life Catch Up to speed my sharing along.  Not that I'll catch up to be current with our in real life date, not close to that by far!  I've got most of the pictures developed and placed through to last week.  It's just going back and completing the finishing touches that is holding me back.  I think I'm getting caught up in spending too much time on the details.
My daughter's first grade class had their Spring Performance along with another class.  She got to play the xylophone for a song and was very excited about that.  She had to audition for the privilege and was on pins and needles for weeks hoping she'd get to.   She also tried out to be a flower but this was what she really, really wanted to do.

All the kids have parts, no one's left out.  The music teacher told me she does the auditions and parts to help reinforce how serious it is to do their best.  Basically, everyone got their first choice of parts but it was a BIG deal to the kiddo to get to play an instrument on stage.  The blank card is for my daughter to write in the lyrics for the song she played the xylophone too. 

The dancing was really cute too, if a little disorganized seeming from where I was stuck in the back with my cranky other kid...i.e. the one in the stroller and not happy about it. My husband went up with ER for the family dance and had to gallop around the circle.  He's a good sport :)
Besides the "Big Event" of the week, there wasn't much going on and consequently I barely had any photos to use when I went to put the week together.  It is an abbreviated week I covered, but still it was a challenge.  Normally I have way too many and have to cut things down.  But I managed to fill all the spots with stuff I normally never get to mention like the freakish weather - snow on one day and shorts on another all in one week.

Linking up to The Mom Creative.  If you are visiting from the blog hop, 'll have two more Project Life posts this week; I hope you'll come back to see them. 


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Jenny said...

Lots of great inspiration in these pages, Katie! I like how you split the big concert photo between two 4x6 cards and also the two weather screen captures layered on one 4x6. Looks good! :)

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