Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Life 2013: April 27th and April 28-May 4

As promised, here is the second of three Project Life Update posts that I'll be sharing this week.  The first one was up on Monday and the third will be up on Friday, so check back then!
I've really made a conscious effort to keep the inserts down this year so that I can contain my Project Life pages within two binders like last year.  The two for 2012 are bursting and I'd like for this year's not to be so stuffed and so far I've done a pretty good job...but not this week.
April 27th was a Sunday and technically should've been part of last week's PL spread.  But I had too many pictures I wanted to include and it ended up getting it's own page. 
For the second week in a row we had a school performance and it got it's own insert, Design G.  I kept the program and the lyrics and script for two of the numbers the kids did in a third insert.  I haven't figured out what exactly I want to say about the event yet but do really love how the die cut title looks on the Blush Core Kit card.  ER is going to write a little in the top card, now that she is almost seven I like including her own memories and thoughts into PL.
The actual weekly spread is contained on the backside of the insert and a Design C page protector.  The school performance took place during this week but I thought things flowed better to include it before along with the other related inserts.
I used the back of the Blush Core Kit card as my weekly title and journaling card.  I love when the designs will work in both orientations.  I die cut more letters for the title and stamped the first letter of the days I needed to correspond with my pictures.  A wood butterfly was added on top of the washi tape like design printed right onto the card.

Normally I try to avoid dimensional accents like the butterfly, but I had already used some raised dots and the "you're the best" tag on one photo that already added bulk and the butterfly wasn't higher than the dots so I figured using wouldn't make the page any wider.
On this side I made a collage and added some arrows I extracted from the digital version of the Honey Core Kit.  I think the Today flag might also have been extracted in Photoshop Elements from a card in the kit.  The glittery 2 is a AC Thicker, I love how the birthday boy is also holding up two fingers to show his age.

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