Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project Life 2013: Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a big day for us, since my first grader walked in our little town's big parade.  It seems like every kid in town is in that parade so there's always a big turn out.  We have only been spectators before so it was really special.  Grandparents from both sides came down early in the morning to see her with our Daisy troop.
It was very fun to turn my pictures into an entire Project Life spread, using the cutest Doodlebug Designs Inc. supplies, from their Stars and Stripes collection.
I had the hardest time trying to get a picture of LB watching the parade for the first time; I wasn't very happy with the one of him in the bottom left corner.  Until I realized it gave me the perfect spot for a title.  Now I love it.  The journaling card on this page was made by layering stickers.
I realize this is really not very exciting to look at since I blurred out all the pictures of E in the parade.  They were all group pictures and it was too much work to blur out each face.  But I wanted to give another look at the super cuteness of the journaling cards. 

The stars and the dot paper are sides of one sheet of paper so I was being super frugal and trying to stretch my scrappy supplies.  The journaling sticker with the ribbon originally had a 4th of July on it.  I added the heart sticker right on top to make it usable for Memorial Day.  For the bottom card I cut down a grid card and then topped with the three star tab sticker. 

I have been watching the Scrappy Jedi's Project Life videos at Two Peas and her discussion about balancing things on your layout really resonated with me.  I could've left the top right picture unmounted but added the red to balance the red of the title in the bottom corner of the left side.  It looked much more "done" after I made that little change and I've been trying to incorporate that into more of my layouts.  I highly recommend watching a couple of her videos, I've been enjoying them immensely.

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2 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

Great layout! The title picture is fantastic!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Katie!! Hope that you all are well! Oh goodness time flies and your sweet "E" is sooooo big!

I have been out of the blogging loop for a very long while. My last post was in November of last year!

If you have some time, I'd love if you are able to pop over some time. I hope to get back to blogging now that we have moved.

Blessings & Aloha!

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