Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freebie: Chid's Art Poster Print Template

On Monday I reviewed an HP® Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer from Staples and in that post I shared a Child's Art Work Poster Print I created using a template I made in Photoshop Elements.  I'd like to share the template with you, click here to download the file at Dropbox.
This is the first time I've tried sharing a PSD file and using Dropbox so let me know if there are any problems or issues and leave your feedback as to whether or not you like this method.  I am currently using the free version but I might upgrade if this freebie is well received and there is an interest in more.
When you open template in Photoshop Elements it should look something like this.  Each photo space has been labeled and is in it's own layer.  The text has been added for placement and you can easily switch it to whatever you'd like.  A font substitution may occur if you do not have Nadine 2 loaded on your computer.  If you'd like the exact same one I used, you can download it for free at the Font Palace.

My template has been sized to fit in a NYTTJA frame from Ikea that are only $3.99, doesn't get much more affordable than that!  Since it's an odd size at 11.75"X15.75" you can resize the template to fit your frame.  To do this, I suggest choosing all of the layers, except for Layer 1.  The simply drag all of them at once onto a new blank file that has been sized for the frame you'd like to use.  While all the layers are still chosen, drag the corner to resize for your new blank file.

If you have not used clipping mask before, here is a tutorial I like, but a quick online search will yield many options for you to check out.  You may be able to use this template with other programs that use layers but I only have experience with Photoshop Elements so I am not sure.  But since the template if free to download, it's worth a try!  If you do try using it on another program please let me know the results.
In no time at all you will have your own version of this cool poster print.  Click image above for a better preview.  I printed my poster print with the HP® Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer from Staples I reviewed and onto HP Advanced Photo Paper, 13" x 19", Glossy.

If you do not have a wide format printer, you can have it done commercially, I suggest the Costco Photo Center for well priced enlargements.  The 12"X18" prints are $2.99 at my location, which will fit the template as it's originally sized.
After finishing adding your images to the template, flatten the layers and then drag onto a new blank 12'X18" file, flatten again and save as a JPEG file.  Send off to print.  You will just need to trim it down to fit the frame.  To make it easier, I laid the plastic insert over my print, traced, and cut.

This might all sound confusing but it really is easy with a little practice!  


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