Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teen Beach Movie, Premiering Friday July 19th & Family Movie Night Fun

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I received Disney Channel "Teen Beach Movie" products in exchange for a post about the film.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love summer!  Schedules are relaxed and there's time to have fun together as family.  We let our daughter's strict 8 o'clock bedtime slide and a great way to end a hot busy day is with cuddles on the couch, popcorn, and a great movie on the TV.  Already on our schedule, is to enjoy the Disney Channel's premier of "Teen Beach Movie" on Friday July 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

This breezy surf-rock musical comedy is going to be perfect for our family to watch together, the video clip previews have already got us excited to dance and sing along.  The movie has a really cute premise: When teen surfing sweethearts Brady and McKenzie surf their way into a classic beach party movie, "Wet Side Story," they find themselves caught in the middle of the two groups vying for control of their beach's hangout.  It's a beach side movie as only Disney can do it, complete with spontaneous song and dance!  As Brady and Mack try to get back home, they inadvertently change the movie's romantic storyline when handsome surfer Tanner falls for McKenzie and biker girl Lela falls for Brady. 

Both the surfers and bikers are stylized with a retro cool look, adding to the old school vibe of the film.  It's a modern twist on classics such as "Gidget," or "Grease," with a message for kids and tweens about the importance of believing in yourself and following your true identity along with positive themes like self-expression, friendship and youth empowerment.  I am glad to have an option for good wholesome entertainment for my soon to seven year old daughter.

Teen Beach Movie is ideal for a family movie night and to get in the mood we threw a beach themed night!  It was complete with decorations and snacks to make our time spent together even more memorable.  To make planning super easy, right now there is a "Teen Beach Movie" party kit at DisneyChannel.com/TeenBeachMovie!

You'll find everything you need there from banners, to food ideas, crafts, and more.  Please excuse the crinkles in part of our banner, my almost two year old got a little excited over all the decorations and couldn't resist playing with it.  He was really, really, into this special family time and it was great to do it all without leaving home!

We decided to get into the mood, using some of the party ideas from the "Teen Beach Movie" site.  Starting with a "Surf's Up!" banner we downloaded and printed and a cool blow up "Teen Beach Movie" surf board sent to me for writing this post.  While ours themed, another beach blow up were certainly add the right touch to your party decorations.  A stack of inter tubes artfully arranged would look great!

The Teen Beach Movie Party Kit makes it super easy to throw a themed event and leave you with plenty of time for fun!   I was really tempted to go all out with the food but my daughter just wanted fruit and "sammies" aka sandwiches.  I had to remind myself movie night doesn't have to be complicated, what she is going to remember is the time we spend wit her and not how long it took Mommy to make decorations!

Then we laid out our favorite beach towels to get into the beach party mood and popped in one of our favorite Disney DVDs into our player, Jake and the Neverland Pirates to substitute for "Teen Beach Movie" this time. 

Time to dig into some yummy snacks, using the Premier Food Labels and Party Board Surf Boards to carry on our theme. Easy peasy and both kiddos were crazy about the little surf boards. The little signs punched up the level of excitement over the snacks and every day food became extra special.

We had so much fun, here are some more pictures of the silliness to be had!  The photo props and popcorn buckets were sent to me in my kit along with E's bracelet and temporary tattoos but it's easy to get a couple things like leis or inexpensive sunglasses to wear for your beach themed family movie night!

Here is a little video showing more of our family movie night, enjoy!

Our night felt like just a warm up for the big event on Friday, July 19th!  We hope you'll tune it too!


2 Friends Said:

Leslie Germain said...

How fun. Love the party decor and the photo props. My daughter can't wait to watch this movie. Have fun.

AkronOhioMoms.com said...

Excellent job! I'm impressed with your decorating and pulling together the entire theme!

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