Saturday, November 2, 2013

Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to this show from FELD Entertainment.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was received.

We took my son to his very first FELD Entertainment event on Friday.  Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate and Princess Adventure was the perfect show to take him to.  He sat mesmerized during both portions of the show.  He couldn't take his eyes off the stage long enough to eat the snacks we got him, he was so enthralled! I just loved seeing his little feet bounce to the music, him waving to the characters, and clapping after each number.  It was so fun watching his enjoyment.

We did get some cotton candy in him during intermission.  Isn't he pretty darn adorable in this Jake and The Never Land Pirates "crown"?  He split this and some popcorn with big sister.  I love this so much, I'm already thinking he may have to be Jake for Halloween next year, since we've already got the perfect "hair" for it!

The night kicks off when right before the main event, there is a brief pre-show with Doc McStuffins.  It's pretty short but cute and it gets the audience excited for the start of the show. I hope that she eventually gets a bigger part in a Disney Live! production.  She's really popular with both of my kids and I know they'd love to see her again.

The show starts off with Mickey and Minnie discussing which one is the best: pirates or princesses, to a musical number.  It's a dance off, Disney style!

First up are the princesses with Sofia the First.  She's preparing for a special celebration, where she will have to present a special present to each of the guests.

But first, we have to have a couple lessons.  We are at the Royal Preparatory Academy after all!  Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather, best known as Disney's Sleeping Beauty's fairy Godmothers, lead the students in practicing their best royal behavior.

After class, Sophia's stepsister Amber tries to help her figure out what she can give to the guests and encourages her to think big, as in really BIG cupcakes,  Yikes!  That goes awry and Sophia still doesn't have a good idea!

Sophia's Amulet of Avalor helps her bring Cinderella out to help her find that the solution is to give a beautiful song, something she can sing at the celebration, a gift that comes from the heart.

The celebration is a huge success and there is a big finale during which Sofia rises up into the sky.  The use of the big screens that project onto Sofia's dress and use of backdrop graphics behind it, is especially well done during this number.  I heard lot of excited kids during this part and my daughter said it was her favorite part of the show.

After intermission, it was time for Mickey and the pirates to have their turn!

Just like on an episode of  Jake and The Never Land Pirates, Sharky and Bones were there to sing us along Act 2.  I love that duo!

For this adventure Cubby, Jake, and Izzy search for treasure, hidden by a volcano.  Only a true pirate hero can find it.  Jake is sure to by our guy!

Nothing on Never Land is every easy with Captain Hook, Mister Smee, and the rest of Hook's crew around.  They manage to steal the map to the treasure from Jake and set off to beat them to the volcano. While Hook and crew may be the baddies, I have to say I think they might have had the best number of the whole show.  I loved when Hook gets caught in a bucket and everyone ends up dancing!

As our friends Jake, Cubby, and Izzy try to reclaim the treasure map, Jake is caught!  Oh no!  Who can help get him out?  It's Peter Pan to the rescue!  He soars in through the sky and during the daring rescue there might be some sword clashing and swashbuckling.

Jake is freed, and there's a suspenseful boat race to the volcano, but those pesky pirates still manage to get to the volcano first!  However, Hook finds another old friend waiting for him, and it's not one he wants to see.  Izzy uses some of her emergency supply of pixie dust to help them fly over to rescue him.

Captain Hook realizes what it takes to be a true hero and then there's a burst of sprinkles during the final number.  It was a really upbeat and energetic end to the show, with Mickey and Minnie agreeing that it's great to be either a pirate or princess.

Both of my kids had a fabulous time at Disney Junior Live On Tour!  Pirate & Princess Adventure.  It was an outing full of Disney magic and the wonderful stage production we've come to expect and love from FELD Entertainment.  There are always amazing song & dance numbers, attention to detail, and special effects that will make your child squeal.  I think these are wonderful family outings, that create special memories for your loved ones to make together.  


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