Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life 2013: August 4-10

Hi Project Lifer's!  I'd like to start by wishing all of you in the US like me, an early very Happy Thanksgiving! 

I was planning to share several weeks of PL spreads in this post and catch up a bit on sharing.  But then I thought that since this week so many of us are bound to be busy getting ready for turkey day it might be better to save that for next time.  When we'll have a little bit more time to visit each other.  So instead I have one of the very few summer weeks that's all in one spread + one insert.

This side is all about my daughter's week in vacation bible school at our church.  The company that produces the program they ran provided some media online, like a nice title image for the theme and a downloadable overview PDF.  I included both and added some details to the title image to make it into a title card for this half. 

The photos are all from the last day, when the kids performed.  The photos aren't fantastic, I wasn't in a good spot to get good ones of my kiddo.  Then on top of that, I blurred out all the other kids and the leaders for privacy when posting.  But you get an idea of what's going on.  The journaling card is WRMK from Target and I added the die cut letters.

It was super handy to have a place to stick a copy of the sheriff's badge stickers they wore with some washi tape and the bookmark each kid got, that went right into the insert along with the overview.  Otherwise, that stuff totally would've become junk!

I fit the rest of the week on the right side and used mainly cards from the Honey core kit with a month card from Echo Park.  The left side is all camera phone images, and while Becky Higgins mentioned on her CreativeLive class that iPhones take phenomenal photos, mine are sometimes a little off.  I think I need to practice more to get all I can out of it.  In optimal conditions it does just fine but in low light I don't really love them.

The other side has all pictures from our town's annual summer shindig.  I used some cute Simple Stories alphas but had to blur out the name of our town because my husband is ultra cautious about things like that.  I used one of the overlays from HSN on the picture of the three of them.  I love those overlays, it adds just the perfect little touch but was at risk of hording them.  I'm so glad they were released at Digital Project Life so I can add them to my photos preprocessing. 

Did any of you catch Becky's 3 day Project Life class at creativeLive?  What did you think?  I enjoyed having it on in the background as I worked on my own PL album.  I got a lot done so it certainly motivated me!  I thought the third day has the best content and was the most interesting to me because the first two days were more of an introduction or covered aspects I feel pretty confident about knowing what works best for me. 

At times, it was a little bit too much of an infomercial to me; I wish she would've said supplies instead of product all the time.  Yes I know it's product but that made it feel too much like a sales pitch, whereas I think otherwise it would have seemed more like a life coach type class.  She did a very good job discussing why documenting is important in general and how easy PL can be.  While I wouldn't pay the $99 on air price or the $149 current price it was fun to watch and I kind of went through withdrawal when I no longer could have it on while I worked. 

I think her being on might provide a lot of exposure for them as many PL'ers are interested in the topics they have classes for.  A digital scrapbooking class is coming up, that I've already registered for and it looks like they've had some fantastic photography classes in the past and skill classes for using programs like Photoshop that look like they were pretty good.  I will be watching their catalog of classes closely and hoping they offer some more interesting classes.  I also liked the host and hostess a lot, they were lively!


2 Friends Said:

Lisa Johnson said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It was a dream come true to be in the live studio audience and meet Becky in real life. You are right ... JKO was HILARIOUS! He had us laughing the whole time. Everyone at creativeLIVE was incredibly kind.

Leslie Germain said...

Great project life pages. Love that wanted picture!!

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