Thursday, December 12, 2013

Purrfect Gift for Hello Kitty Fans! Hello Kitty Pop Star Poseable Doll Review

My daughter is all about Hello Kitty.  She is just crazy about anything and everything with her on it.  So the arrival of one of the new line of 13 inch tall, dressable, and poseable Hello Kitty dolls at our house was a very exciting day! 
We received the Hello Kitty Pop Star Kitty version for review from Blip Toys.  She came all  ready for a concert performance, with a microphone headset, 4 bracelets, a dress, socks and shoes.  She's also ready for an active show, with arms and legs that easily move for dancing, sitting, and as you can see, standing without being held.
The clothes and accessories are designed to be easy for playing with.  I love how easy the boots are to remove and put back on, and yet they stay on during play and they passed the toddler test.  Meaning they stayed on, and all the other accessories as well,  when our two year old got a hold of the doll and swung her around and around by the arm.
Dealing with poorly designed doll shoes is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.  I hate when getting them on and off is nearly impossible for the kid they are designed for and how many fall off and are easily get lost.  I'm really happy to report, that none of these things are an issue with the Hello Kitty Pop Star Kitty.  Plus those little yellow socks are pretty darn cute.
Hello Kitty Pop Star Kitty is a terrific doll companion for girls, because of her ability to sit, stand, turn her head, and be posed she can be an active part of play time.   My daughter really enjoyed her Pop Star look and the unique microphone headset accessory plus four funky bracelets that she said made this Hello Kitty doll very cool.  I also think that the Pop Star design in particular, will appeal to older Hello Kitty fans, past the preschool age and collectors of all thing HK.  
And in case you were wondering, no I didn't plan for her to be wearing that particular shirt on the day we took these pictures.  It was a happy coincidence, I thought it was funny that she happened to wear her music themed HK shirt on the same day!  My husband gets her dressed and ready in the morning so I didn't know until she got home and I told her to grab her doll.  I don't think there could be a more perfect Hello Kitty doll for her!  I'm so glad they four different versions, there are also Princess, Dancer, and Best Friend themes, so every Hello Kitty fan can find the perfect match!


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