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Peppa Pig Toys Perfect for Holiday Giving: Peek N Surprise Playhouse, Picnic Adventure Car, and a George Plush

Disclosure: I received complementary Peppa Pig products in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We're big Peppa Pig fans here.  She was one of the first characters my speech delayed kiddo was able to say and request by name.  So imagine his excitement when a big box of Peppa Pig toys showed up on the doorstep for review.   Once I opened the shipping box to see what was inside, it was all over.  Never mind that we needed to get a couple errands run, oh no, we had to sit down and open each and every toy right then and there.  All three of the toys we got: house, car, and plush are mixed together on the table above, you can just see George's face behind the opened house.

If you aren't familiar with the sweet lovable Peppa Pig, you can find more information at her site: or the Official Peppa Pig - US Facebook page:

Once I was able to separate the piece from the mad jumble the little guy had made in his excitement and set up the four rooms, I was able to get a better look at the Peek N Surprise Playhouse ($34.99 retail, available at Toys R Us). 

One of the features that make this set special is all the transforming furniture.  I've included some of my favorite before and afters above: bubble bath to tub, meal time table to play time table, empty stove to baking, and the one I wish I could have at my house, the sink full of dirty dishes to an empty one!  The little pieces easy flip to show both sides.  Other transforming pieces include the bed, TV set, fridge, and washing machine.  I think this is really fun and provides many more opportunities for pretend play!

The other great feature of the Peek N Surprise Playhouse is that it folds up and is portable.  I love this, easy to move it around the house between the kids and also all ready to take to the grandparents.  I also think it will be one of the toys we take on road trips for when we need something to entertain the kids at night in the hotel.

The playhouse includes over 15 play pieces, including both a Peppa Pig and George figures.  Since showing up, this has been a very popular toy with both my kids, ages 2 & 7.  My older child took it up to her room to play with, away from little brother, this resulted in him crying outside her door until she let him in to join her. 

We also got the Picnic Adventure Car ($19.99 retail, available at Toys R Us), which is the perfect companion piece to the playhouse.  After all, the family needs a car to go on all their outings.

Press the Peppa Pig icon and the car plays fun phrases, snorting sounds, and music.  My 2 year old could press it all day!  He just laughs and laughs at whatever sounds it makes.  He is really into vehicles of all sorts and he just loves pushing this all around on the floor and jamming it full of various things.

Besides the car and a Peppa figure, included in the set are a checkered blanket and a peek n' surprise basket that flips to show Peppa's yummy lunch.  She is all ready to head out for a fun day!

We have previously reviewed the Bedtime Peppa (shown above with George) and the Hug 'n Oink Peppa Pig Talking Plush.  Each of the kids has claimed one but now we also have the George Small Plush!

He is perfectly sized to really look like Peppa's little brother when compared to the two versions of Peppa we have.  A darling little lovey, my son has been taking him along with him whenever we go out, tucked inside his backpack.

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