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New Peppa Pig Toys, Book, and App for Kids - Product Review

Disclosure:  I received product from Peppa Pig for reviewing in this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fans of Nick Jr.'s delightful show, Peppa Pig, will be delighted to know that there are some adorable new ways to extend the fun!  Fisher-Price's new Peppa Pig toys can now be found at Toys "R" Us and there is also a new book from Chadwick Press and even a cool new Peppa Pig's Sports Day app!   We received a selection of new Peppa Pig toys to check out and today we are sharing our thoughts with all of you! 

If you are unfamiliar with Peppa Pig, I suggest you start by learning a bit more about her at the following sites:

The new Bedtime Peppa Pig is all ready for bed in her pink pajamas and sweet little blanket to cuddle under.  Give Peppa a hug and her cheeks will glow as she sings a lullaby, oinks, or plays a counting song.  My kids always love a stuffed friend so this was a big hit with them.
She is such a sweet little friend to have with you at bedtime.  I hear her singing to my son as he hugs her while settling down for a nap.  My daughter also loves the new Bedtime Peppa because of her cute pink outfit.  Her favorite part of the toys is Peppa's blanket, that features Peppa's favorite stuffed friend on it.

Available at Toys R Us in stores and online, retails for $26.99

We have been playing with Peppa Pig at bath time too!  The new Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa set comes with a Peppa figure, her little brother George, a washing brush, and a bathtub storage container that sticks to the wall.
It's a great set for the bathtub.  Both of my kids like using the washing brush to "scrub" away Peppa's muddy spots with warm water.  It's fun to see how they "magically" disappear.  Little brother George is great for imaginative play and also because he's a squirter toy.  I like how everything tucks away neatly into the toy bathtub, all ready for next time.

Available at Toys "R" Us stores and online, retails for $12.99

I was really pleased to see the new Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book, published by Candlewick Press.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I firmly believe that reading to and with your children every single day is very important.  When a beloved television character also makes an appearance in a book, it's an easy way to get reluctant listeners interested in the book and begin to foster a love of literature.   The story is pretty much a typical Peppa Pig episode in story book form and fans of the show will enjoy it.
Synopsis: In this tale, Peppa and her classmates are getting ready a special talent day at school.  The story follows Peppa through a day a school, she and her classmates do typical activities like counting, saying the alphabet, playing pretend, art time, eating lunch, having recess and music.  During the talent time each of the classmates share their talent, and Peppa is worried when the other kids perform all the the different types of talent she has.  She is afraid there isn't a special talent left for her to share.   In the end she reveals that she is the best at jumping in muddy puddles - quite appropriate for a pig don't you think?

Hardcover with Dust Jacket.  Available at Toys "R" Stores and select booksellers, retails for $12.99

Both of my kids enjoy the Peppa Pig's Sports Day App.  I have created a profile for both of them, mainly so my oldest can keep track of the stickers she's earned and the rosettes she designed.  A neat touch is that in keeping with U.K. setting of the Nick Jr. series, the narrator has a British accent.

A notable feature is that this is a P2 Kid Safe App, which means there is no in-app purchasing or data gathering - keeping your child's location safe etc.  While the initial purchase price is a little higher than some children's apps, I prefer to not have to deal with being constantly asked to spend more for extras, which usually ends up being way more than this app's $4.99 purchase price.   I'd rather pay the cost up front than find out about "hidden" costs after the kids are hooked on the app.

While I was provided with a complimentary game code, I do think the purchase price is quite reasonable because there are seven activities in the app and in several of the games multiple players can take part at once.  So like a real Sports Day, you can compete against each other in things like the Obstacle Race.
The games are fairly simple, for example, requiring tapping to make the characters move as they participate in sports day activities like bike races and tug of war.  This makes it perfect for the target age ranges of 2-6.  It's not too hard and kids who aren't that great at video type games, like mine, can still do them and have fun without getting discouraged when they can not move past a certain task.   My two year old loves pressing things and is not ready for any kind of skill based app but even he can make his characters move and is beginning to make the connection that his tapping makes things happen.  I think this is an especially good app for 2-4 year olds. 

My oldest particularly enjoyed the ice cream maker activity, a treat for after all those field day games just played, and the making rosettes feature.  In that activity you design rosettes that become the ribbons awarded to the characters as they play each of the field day activities.  She thought it was very neat to see the design she created used in the app.  Another fun activity included is a the Sticker activity.  Throughout the course of playing the various  Sports Day activities, players earn stickers that they can then use to make four different scenes. 

For children age 2-6, available on iTunes and Amazon, $4.99

We had a great time playing with the new Peppa Pig toys and know your fans of this loveable, energetic little piggy will too!   Don't forget you can learn more about Peppa Pig, stay updated on new releases, and even play some online games at the following Peppa Pig sites


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Sarah said...

So cute. What great pictures!

All the new Peppa Pig toys are so fun and you picture them great here.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

For readers in the UK, Peppa Pig is touring in her new show Peppa's Big Splash.

mizhenka said...

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime set looks adorable! I'll definitely be picking that up for my niece this Christmas - she loves Peppa Pig! The Sports Day app is really fun, too, and I agree the ice cream making game is the best one. Have you played any of the other Peppa Pig apps? Happy Mrs Chicken is worth checking out.

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