Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you Boo?

Does your neighborhood participate in the fun "Boo-ed!" activity in October?  Ours is full of kids so seeing signs like the one above on doors is a common sight.  Since all the moms know each other, we usually give the parents a heads up so they know just who dropped the goodies off. 
My daughter has been waiting for her turn and it's such a challenge for her!  I packed up some goodies, mainly chocolate but also some fruit snacks and Starburts, into a plastic baggy.  But you know I just had to add a couple touches, cause that's just how we roll 'round here.

I whipped this little paper tent holder out of scraps so while they might not have been the papers I'd pick if I was perusing my stash I decided they were good enough, considering they're going to be ripped off as soon as our friends see it.
On the back I paper clipped the note on and added a little ribbon, because everything is better with ribbon.  If you'd like to get started with this fun activity, you can get the free printable we used on the You've Been Boo-ed site.


1 Friends Said:

Leslie Germain said...

Love how you did this. We don't Boo but I have a friend who does it in her neighborhood. So fun.

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