Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages: Dinner Before Zoo Boo

On Sunday we went to Zoo Boo and it was a great night!  This year totally made up having to skip last years event and losing the money spent on the nonrefundable tickets when there was icy cold rain and freezing temperatures the night we were supposed to go.  The kids weren't too upset last year, LB was too little to know he missed anything and E got to got to Build A Bear instead so she was even a little happy the event was rained out.

But enough on last year's Zoo Boo and even this year's Zoo Boo, because this week's Baby Boy Scrapbook Page is about Zoo Boo night two years ago.  It was the little guy's first ever Zoo Boo and he slept through most of it all warm and toasty in his Bundle Me.  That was the year for all intents and purposes his costume could've been a closed up stroller since that's all you see in the most of the Halloween event pictures he is in, big sister standing next to a stroller!
Since LB's sweet little face doesn't actually appear in the Zoo Boo pictures, to document our family's tradition of going to a fun Halloween event each year, in his First Year scrapbook I included pictures from the family dinner beforehand.  We almost always go to a Noodles & Co. that is close by because it's fast, kid friendly, and near the zoo.
This year my parents and brother went to dinner and Zoo Boo with us.  Grandma Norma met us at the Zoo so she isn't in these photos but it was a big family event because we also met LB's Godfather and his family and my Godparents at the zoo too.  Too bad he slept through the whole thing, right!  But then again, holiday events are not just for the littles sometimes it's a fun way for the adults to relive their childhoods in part too. 

I'm sure this is probably based on a sketch but since I made this page awhile ago I don't remember which one exactly.  But the design allowed for me to use lots of themed pattern paper to help reinforce that it's about a Halloween event even if the photos don't necessarily reflect that. 


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Leslie Germain said...

Adorable Halloween Layout. Love the embellishment that matches that cute paper.

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